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New shoei helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by malpri, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. New shoei helmet coming called NEOTEC replacing the MULTITEC. Has internal sun visor. GOOGLE SHOEI NEOTEC to view video.

  2. Does seem like an awesome helmet.

    I love the visor feature, I get sick of having to clip & unclip my aftermarket visor. All round looks like I good helmet and hopefully if I do end up purchasing it'll fit my head alright.

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  3. It would have been nice, however, if the video actually showed more of the helmet and its features rather than endless clips of people riding by on a bike which is nice, don't get me wrong, but does nothing to tell you why you should buy the helmet. Having got that grizzle out of the way, it does look nice, but will probably be close to 800 clams and, with Nolan's N102 now being widely sold for around 300, it'd have to be VERY good to justify the extra half a grand outlay.
  4. you can also buy Vemar Jiano with exactly the same feature for under $200....
  5. Do you know any stores that stock them? I've looked at a handful of the main ones and can't any that stock it. Wouldn't mind going to have a look at one in person.

    Is Norm Frasers just Fraser Motorcycles?

    nvm; http://vemar.com.au/
  6. mmm dunno, I bought mine at Norm Fraser Motorcycles in Wollongong.....

    "branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong, Perth and Newcastle"
  7. Yeah, I checked out the website earlier, there's one 4km from me.

    Hopefully they have one in stock so I can try it on.

    I was only at the Frasher Motorcycle at Concord a couple of months ago visiting the Torque bar & grill next door and having a look at the bikes afterwards. Didn't notice too much gear being sold though aside from casual gear like tshirts, pants etc but they were mostly HD, ducati and BMW if I remember correctly.
  8. Sorry to switch products again, but hows it go long term, is there any cons that have come up?
  9. I am delighted with it, actually. There are no bits falling off, the padding is still firm and secure, the visors are very resistant to scratching by bugs and such, and it seems to be as well-ventilated as any other helmet I've had in the recent hot weather.

    Put it this way, unless I was totally happy with it, given how much faith people put on product reports on Netrider, I wouldn't be recommending it 6 months down the track....
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  10. At present I wear a yellow MULTITEC with a sunax sunshade but when the NEOTEC arrive next year I will get one if they have more colours than was shown on the revzilla web-site,like a yellow or even a HI-VIZ. I have been considering getting a HI-VIZ YELLOW SCHUBERTH C3 with the bluetooth system from revzilla,I do not care about the legal position as I do not think it would stand up in court with the present confusion about standards between the states. As for cheep helmets many years ago the american BELL helmets had a advertising slogan IF YOU HAVE A $10 DOLLAR HEAD WEAR A $10 DOLLAR HELMET,its still true today, also I do not believe the AUSTRALIAN standard is as good as D.O.T or the E.U. standard and none of the cheep helmets we get here would ever pass SNELL M2010.
  11. I was wondering how long until Shoei came up with a helmet like this. Too bad they didnt do so BEFORE I just bought my T-ZX otherwise I would have bought one.
  12. Did you see the new colour in the SHOEI TZ-X a black with HI-VIZ YELLOW? And did you not look at a MULTITEC before you brought the TZ-X? I love my MULTITEC its very comfortable and pretty quiet. The NEOTEC was only released at the EICMA show in italy last month. The shoei importers did not even know about it when I rang them last week but did say it may be in AUS sometime next year.
  13. My TZ-X is just plain gloss black. No never seen a MULTITEC.
  14. My last helmet before the MULTITEC was a BMW SYSTEM 4 but when BMW AUSTRALIA stopped bringing them in after the SYSTEM 4 EVO, I think most BMW dealers then stocked SHOEI MULTITEC because they are flip-up like the system helmets. At one time I think police were using them,at the motorcycle expo last year in melbourne I seem to to recall a MULTITEC sitting on a cop bike out the front.I know here in BRIBANE a few shops have them but you have to look around and ask.
  15. NOLAN 102 must be old stock as they have just brought out the N104 at EICMA in italy.
  16. Latest word is NEOTEC does not replace MULTITEC but is new model.Two good reviews on webb from REVZILLA and COMPETITION ACCESSORIES.
  17. malpri what is your opinion on the sunax and which version did you get? Sorry to go off topic.
  18. I have the green tint,It is installed with the white line in the correct position but I think maybe it could be just a little bigger as I have to tilt my head down a bit to stop any glare,but it will do until the NEOTEC comes out.
  19. New SHOEI NEOTEC arriving in August with an BLACK with HI-VIZ like the TZ-X OVERT arrivng in september Have already tried one on and think they are even better than my multitec. They also have cut-outs for glasses and speakers.