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New shock is like a pogo stick!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deafwish, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Hi folks,
    Just wanting some advice, please!
    I have just fitted my new (second hand) 2003 ZX636 shock, to my Z1000.
    After I had fitted it, I jumped on and was horrified at how much it was like a pogo stick!
    I played around with the preload, compression and rebound, unsuccessfully.
    I removed the shock and put the stocker back on, which was 100% better!
    After inspecting the now removed 636 shock, I happened to turn the top adjuster (compression?), by hand and it started unscrewing!
    It opened up (no pressure inside) and I saw residue of oil, but it was empty......
    If I simply refill the shock with suitable shock oil, will it work fine again?


    Cheers in advance!
    Daz. :wink:
  2. Daz - if I were you I'd ring the guys at www.promecha.com.au and ask them. They've given me good advice over the phone before, and they know suspension backwards. They might suggest you bring it in for a service or something.
  3. Also try www.suspensionsrus.com.au he's given me heaps of free advice over the phone and reports from mates that have had stuff done he does a great job
  4. I will prolly go to ProMecha, as he's literally round the corner from my work.
    I was hoping someone might've known, before I potentially waste his time.....
  5. Deafwish, are you sure that the shock is to be filled with oil and not nitrogen??

    It may just need refilling, any suspension place should be able to help out.
  6. Hey Cammo,
    I can not see any valve where the nitrogen could be filled!
    From what little I know, I'm pretty sure it's just oil.
  7. If either oil or nitrogen got out it got out because a seal somewhere is cactus. Tie for a rebuild. Good opportunity for a trick up.
  8. The rebuild will probably cost me twice what the actual shock did! :shock:
  9. If it's just an oil filled shock ring a dealer and find out oil viscosity and volume and fill it yourself, my guess would be one of the seals is cactus and the oils leaked out so grab a set of seals as well.
    Buy a decent work shop manual it'll save you $$$ in the long run.
  10. Just got back from ProMecha.
    I know remember why I didn't give him my business, when I had my Hornet.
    He is a belittling, arrogant, know it all who was trying to tell me that I have no idea what I'm on about.......
    He told me that he finds it amusing that I thought I was smarter than Kawasaki, by fitting a 636 shock to my Z1000, when it doesn't come with it from factory.
    I tried explaining to him that thousands of Zed riders had succesfully completed this swap with excellent results, but that was falling on arrogant/ deaf ears.
    He wouldn't tell me what I needed to do, other than:
    "Leave the shock and the bike with me and we'll strip the shock, fit our expensive valves, change the spring and rebuild it." Typical salesman.

    What an absolute tool.
    I will be taking my business, once again to Krooz Tune.
    At least I get honest answers with out all the salesman bullsh1t and equal, if not better workmanship.


  11. The shock will need a full rebuild. They are oil and nitrogen charged. While it is getting done you will be able to have it set up to suit your weight and riding style.
  12. Yeah, because the z1000 comes with a fully adjustable sports bike shock in it.

    He wouldn't be getting my business either.
  13. deafwish Its a shame you feel that way and I don't know why I would bother mentioning it but Peter at Promecha does know what he is on about.
    I have had the privilege to see Peter and Bradley at work first hand.
    Anything from fabricating shock mounts to basic suspension service and they have been nothing but thorough and professional.
    Peter has been in the business for over 10 years he isn't the type of man to sell you what you don't need.
    Thing is before you went out and bought the shock did you ask what could be done to the standard shock?
    The shock you have is set up for a lighter bike with different links and lever ratios, the torque on the Z1000 alone makes a big difference in how you would have to set up the shock.
    You implied that Peter was just a sales man , I would like to give an example contrary to this. I once asked if a 25mm race kit would benefit me on the track with my track bike which already had extensive suspension work done.Peter said it would be a waist of money. I also asked if I could fit an after market shock with all the bling high and low compression adjustment and so on, again the answer was you don't need it. I am the type of person that would throw gobs of money on my track bike and Peter could of easily parted me with my money but he helped me to work with what I had.
    We all have our talents I am a technician ,Peter specialises in suspension , it wold be arrogant of me to tell him how to do his job and vice versa.
    If you don't like his opinion get anouther one and make a valid judgment.