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New Shepparton rider (ex Melbourne)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by AshR1, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, this is the third thread where I've said hi :p (and last)

    I'm friends with Radness and Zilly, I like to think I got them both keen to get into motorbikes ;) (take credit where I can)

    I have a new R1 I picked up sat the 17th Nov and only has 22kms (hopefully nearly 100 by the end of tonight if the weather holds off)

    I'll be trying to get down over summer to some of the friday night coffees or sat night dinner etc.

    if you see me about say hi :)
  2. nope you didn't ash, =D I just didn't get off my butt to get my own bike til after you got one. Always wanted motorbikes since I was really little =D
  3. hehe I'll still take credit :p
  4. Meh :p

    How many rides have you had now on your new baby?
  5. You gonna start a Hello thread each time you log in here? spank.

  6. lol, nah this is the last :)

    I just like the attention :p
  7. Careful on the attention you seek :LOL:

    Hello BTW
  8. Why would you do it?????

    Move from Melbourne to Shepparton!!! WHY??
  9. yeah I know, we didn't want to but had to move so my GF could get a full time job.

    she'd been applying for teaching positions in melbourne and surrounding aread (from geelong to olinda) and couldn't get anything full time, so managed to get a job up here for this year and it's been extended.

    We're probably only going to be here another year or so then move back to melbourne (would look better on the resume that you were at a job a few years rather than one)
  10. Good luck with it all.

    I grew up in Shepp and thats why I was wondering why anybody would move up there.

    Which school is she teaching at.

    I went to Wilmot Road Primary and then South Tech (now MacGuire College).
  11. she's teaching at shepp high,

    I went to NDC grad '99
    so have family and stuff here still :)
  12. You got mates there you can go riding with Ash?
  13. not around shepparton :(

    but melbourne is only 2hrs away ;)
  14. My in-laws recently moved from Merrigum to Mooroopna, my folks moved back to bendigo about 5 years ago, but my sister still lives in Shepp.
  15. Time to start tagging on the road to get some. Thats how I met a few
    of the lads I ride with :)

    I've only ridden into your town once.. me & the bike were covered in
    splattered insects :LOL:
  16. Welcome to NR.. :grin:

    Be great of you can make it to coffee some time..
  17. I'm going to try to come down 14th (as I'll be in town for the bbq on the 16th)
  18. Search is your friend.
    There are a few of us here.
  19. So when can we put in our orders for Mr D's.
  20. hehe love that stuff (really good with Vodka too)

    I'm coming down on the 14th for the coffee (and bbq on the 16th) so I can probably bring 2ltrs down in my bag for you :p