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New Shell Fuels

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. I've used Shell fuels in the past without any problems though haven't used it for a while. On the weekend I filled up at the Todd Road Shell servo and noticed they'd changed the names of the fuels. Didn't think much of it but on the way home from Melbourne I definately noticed problems with the bike. At the first long uphill stretch even with the throttle fully open I couldn't maintain speed - there was a strong headwind and the bike was loaded up but I've never had the bike struggle to hold 110kph before. Thought it might have been a problem with the bike but refilled when I got home and it's been running fine since. Today I checked the Shell website and I find that apparently all their fuels have been changed to a new "Fuel Economy Formula" - if they consider loss of power the same as increased fuel economy I'd say they're on a winner :roll:. Think I'll be avoiding Shell from now on myself, anyone else noticed any problems/differences with the new fuels?

  2. Yep, there is a huge difference with their Optimax extreme? is it? Whatever it's called, it's the one that is blended with 5% Ethanol.

    WOW :shock: is all I can say, it's awesome, Mr Percival loves it.

    If there was one word to describe the result, "explosive" would be that word.
  3. The worst performance I ever got out of my bike was after filling up at a shell servo. Just put their regular fuel in (not optimax) and after about 10km the bike started to cough and splutter. I had trouble holding a highway speed of 80km/h and the bike seemed to be missing all the time.

    I figured it must be the fuel so filled up with some BP 95 the next time round and put some carbi cleaner through the tank. The performance issues sorted themselves out pretty quickly.

    As a general rule of thumb, I would rather push my bike to the next servo then fill up at shell :p
  4. What variety of fuel did you fill up with?
    (I assume that you know that Optimax Extreme is E10? Or is it E5?)
    Using regular-type Optimax (not Extreme) lately, I've noticed a couple of things: better low rev torque, along with smoother running (it used to sound very volatile on Optimax in the past); and a slight drop in top end power.
    In fact BP 98 now seems to produce more power, but less smoothly, than the Shell product. Go figure.
  5. Hmm same engine, same fuel, same problem - I'd say that's more than a coincidence. Least I know it's not just me, or that particular servo.
    Edit: Actually come to think of it I used the new 95 octane Shell - maybe that's why I was at least able to get to 110 (although it'd slow to 80-90 on every hill no matter what gear I was in).
  6. yeah same results on the Hyosung, also Ampol has a ethanol blend which is pretty good as well.

    Well maybe not explosive but it seems to spin easier up the revs, maybe it's just my imagination. :grin:
  7. i dont think bike like ethanol. I filled up once with Shell extreme, instant notice with throttle response - wheelies were alot easier but after some reading i found out that the ethanol does more damage than good on bikes.
  8. I first noticed engine problems after a tank of Shell fuel.
    LPCIII and Fluffy Donkey NEVER fill up at a Shell servo.

    I got my bike back today from getting tuned up, and the service guy there commented that they are seeing LOTS of bikes with tuning and rough running issues lately.

    I am convinced it's dirty fuel, as suppliers water it down with additives to offset rising oil prices.

    I've been told not to put premium in my bike as it isn't designed for it - but I'm starting to think it'll be safer than whatever shit is in the standard stuff.
  9. They are on a world wide campign to rename their fuels. Optiping aka Optimax i would stay away from. The Extreme(100RON 5% Ethanol blend) is VERY good though. I have done much back to back testing on a dyno with these fuels in a car. The Optiping is just to unreliable, sometiimes its good most times its bad. The Extreme has been VERY good so far.
  10. I fill up at my local 7eleven and their fuel is from Shell as far as I know. I just use the standard stuff and it runs fine..through start up requires one or two push of the button.

    The preimum stuff doesn't add any performance and makes the bike back fire..i guess it depends on you bike
  11. Stay away from the optimax extreme for bikes. On my 06' 1krr I thought is was running better but after 3 tanks my bike started to run lik crap! Lost power all over the place. Revs went all crap. Started to make weird noises! I was using optimax extreme since it first came out and thought it was mad in my supra and then dynoed it and it lost power! Went back to Mobil Snergy and the power came back! Dyno proven!
    06' CBR 1Krr = Snergy more power 170hp@wheel...
    = Extreme less power 159hp@wheel...

    JZA Supra = Molbil Snergy =747.9hp@wheels
    = Shell Extreme=654.2hp@wheels

    Other reasons to stay away from shell is ethanol is a no no for bikes! Look at your manuals?
    Mobil Snergy is the best fuel!
    Bp is my secound choice and only if can't get to Mobil!
  12. check out the material saftey data sheets (MSDS) on shell fuels. you will be surprised how much additives are put in there when compared to other comanies.
    from memory, their regular unleaded must contain a minimum of 60% petroleum... and caltex uleaded contains a minimun of 95 (or 98 cant remember)% petroleum.

    and then there is the discussion about additives....works well for some, not so well for others :?
  13. I was not suggesting anyone run Extreme in their bike. I was saying have done back to back dyno runs with different fuels. If you are saying all you did was change fuels and you ended up with a drop of 93.5 HP, i find this a little hard to swallow. Perhaps taker a look at your tuner mate. How long between the two dyno runs was this? Same dyno? Same air temp correction? How do you come to this conclusion?

    Your obviously happy to tell us about you dyno figures, so post your graphs...
  14. Optimax is out, V-Power is in.
    Anybody tried it yet? According to Shell's website V-Power is 'perfectly suited for motorbikes.'
  15. Hubby's gsxr had the same problem after filling up with the new shell fuel.
    And our xr6 motor hates it.
    But I'm to little to push my bike to next station :eek: so I'd only use it as a last resort.

    Cheers Lou.[/quote]
  16. I like the marketing colours and sound of "optimax" better than the new v-power.

    Just tried it in my honda integra and its fine. Dunno bout bikes though.
  17. this thread has been done a month ago
    go to the shell website and all you need to know about vpower is there
  18. My tuner has nothing to do with fuel change as he did not change anything in my mapping. I just did a power run in shootout mode on a dyno dynamics dyno. Yes it was not the same day but it was the same dyno. The inlet temp was approx the same on both runs, as for ambient temp, it was bout the same. Only difference was fuel. I would post my dyno sheets but dont know how to post pic on this forum.(Go get issue no.64 of High performance magazine and U will see my car, specs and dyno results on the front cover!)or send me ur email and I will gladly send u dyno printout! I have nothing to prove to NE1..I am just telling peps of my own experiences... Do what U like mate... Now maybe U tuned Ur cars for extreme diet but the fact for motorcyles is they are recomended by ALL manufactors NOT to run ethannol!
  19. I've been testing Shell V-Power for a while, when it is convenient to use it. Put simply, it is the best fuel in my bike. Shell and Ducati (and ferrari) seem to have some relationship through racing. Ducati recommend V-Power for their fuel injected bikes.

    I find the engine runs better, smoother, great power, and I get significantly more mileage using V-Power. I wont be using V-Power Extreme, as I have no plans to use ethanol in my bike. In fact, if you read the motorcycle section of the Shell web site, it tells you exactly what their fuels work in, and what they don't. It tells you what adjustments you would need to make to your bike's carburation etc. to use V-Power, and it tells you what bikes not to run it in at all.

    So, all you 250cc riders, read the shell site. You will learn something.
  20. Not a criticism, but if you wanted the best performance out of a fuel you would change the tuning and ECI map. That's is what racers do.