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New Shark RSI Titan Helmet..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blue14, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Picked myself a new helmet today. Looks the goods and fits exceptionally well. Is very light weight and visor removal and refit is made easy by just the push of a button. Comes with a breath guard which i will try and get used to to help with the fogging up. Also got a Chrome iridium visor as well.. :twisted:


  2. Very nice. The shape of the shell looks pretty cool. Love the fit of these. Very snug around the face and cheeks too.
  3. Nice helmet:!: I was going to get one but instead got a Suomy spec-1R it was on special and also fit well
  4. Nice one, I've had a couple of Shark helmets now , find them to be very good as well as good value compared to some helmets out there.
  5. emmuch?
  6. Tried one on the other day blue
    Hmmm nice helment
  7. $495 hunny :grin:
  8. I need a new lid, my current Shark is scratched
  9. Go see Kris at RR.. :wink:
  10. yep kris at race replica looked after me too :cool:
  11. Awesome helmet!

    Does anyone know where to get this in Brisbane? I've looked around but it seems to be very elusive, every single shop has about a gazillion Shoeis and Arais but no Sharks. :cry:
  12. Thanks Grace.. :grin: Hmmm, yes grace they are hard to get for some reason.. I am sure that a decent bike shop would be able to get one in for you to try.. I am the same size in a Shoei as this particular Shark.
  13. Hi Side Leather - Cripps Street Salisbury.

    Just got in some last season Shark lids, starting at $200.00, also have latest designs.

    If they don't have what you want, ask if they'll order it for you.

    Pro Honda also stock Shark.