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New sexy Daytona 675r announced

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RRdevil, May 19, 2014.

  1. uploadfromtaptalk1400497415955.

  2. Sure only a colour change but damn, looks good in black with all that GOLD
  3. Do want..
  4. I'd be tempted to get the eyelash silver sides painted black too
  5. they really need too bring out an 800
  6. I'd probably buy an 800
  7. you have one you lucky bastard
  8. Black and gold: Team Lotus F1 livery from the 80's...
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  9. Another one :)
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  10. I'll take the F3 800 off your hands ;)
  11. Probably would keep that too. Start a triple collection
  12. Was that the John Players Special livery, or are we not even allowed to say that nowadays?
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  13. Wheres the source for this? Cant find anything on it...
  14. Matte black?
  15. Yes it was. It had an Australian counterpart too in the BMW Sedan Car team.....
  16. Aye, the Jim Richards car, I think.

    After the successes of that team, they had a stripped out BMW shell, mounted on a trailer, with a fairly neat "simulator" set-up... video and a degree of "bouncing" and really good sound.

    It was hauled round shopping centres, and folk could go for a virtual lap around Sandown.

    When it arrived in MacQuarrie shopping centre, it was hilarious.....folk were coming out of it being sick......:]
  17. I'd like this
    uploadfromtaptalk1400569166870. build a real one triumph, high revving screamer triple. Get it out before Yamaha and their new R1