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New set of tyres for CB400

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ResmeN, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am due for a new set of tyres for my 2008 honda cb400 sf revo in the very near future. My bike currently has 15500kms on it and I have had the bike since it was on 3000kms when I bought it in January this year so I am sure they are still the original factory tyres on it. On average I use the bike about 400-600 kms per week so I am after a tyre which is suitable for day to day commuting and has longeivity.

    The current rubbers on it are

    Front: Bridgestone 120/60ZR17M/C Batlax BT.50F Radial
    Rear: Bridgestone 160/60ZR17M/C Batlax BT.50R Radial

    Which tyres would you recommend me to get and where should I go to get them installed?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I'm a big wrap for the Bridgestone BT 023's. Dual compound and probably as sticky as you'll get without going to a sport tyre.
    Get mine from Brett at Madbiker but he's a bit far from you.

    Had Dunlop Roadsmarts on before these and they are also a good tyre.
  3. Grab something with a dual compound (hard in the middle, soft on the edges) if you're using it to commute. Normal sport tyres will wear out too quickly in the middle if used for commuting.
  4. Thanks for the ideas guys keep them coming.

    toadcat I agree that I need tyres with dual compound as I will be continually racking up a lot of kms.
  5. Mit-chelin Pilot Road 2, currently using them, great wear, no dramas.
  6. From what I have read on these forums and user reviews the PR2 seems to be a very good long distance road bike tyre which I believe is also dual compound??

    I will hit up my local shop re these tyres. What is a realistic figure I should be looking at for the pair including installation? I will probably get them put on my 18000km service or earlier if needed.
  7. From a call I made recently, I think retail on them is $299 (rear) and $219 (front).
    Not sure if size makes a difference to price though.

    But I'd suggest you look for a price that's slightly under the combined RRP, and includes free fitting/balance.

    It might even be worth you trying out the Dunlop Q2's... a little cheaper, might be suitable. I can't really give you a review on them yet though, having only just scrubbed mine in last night!! :)
  9. The k&n air filter I ordered is 2 weeks away and by that time I will be due for my 18000km service and at the same time I will get the tyres on my bike changed over.

    I spoke to my mechanic and told him if he would recommend michelin pilot road II and he said definitely but also recommended metzeler.

    Anyone out there have any experience with metzeler tyres on their bikes and if so would you recommend them?
  10. Never had a chance to use them but I've heard good things about them. I think BMW use them for the OEM's?
  11. Sounds good. What is the main difference between single and dual compound when it comes to tyres? Would i be correct in saying dual has more longevity and single is more sticky but doesn't last as long as dual?
  12. G'day Ahmet

    I vote for the Pilot Road II. Dual compound to give you the best chance for longevity especially commuting, but also quite grippy when leant over. These are renowned for being very good wet weather tyres too.

    I just had a new set supplied & fitted for just over $500.

    ps. I got 20,000 km out of my last set.

  13. Hey bro,

    20000km out of a set that is awesome. I'll pop by mechanic tomorrow pay him some money and get him to order me a set of front and back of the pilot road 2 as a lot of people on this forum like yourself and bike mechanics speak very high of these tyres.

    Thanks for the input.
  14. I got a quote from my local mechanic for a set of Metzeler M5 for $485 and for a set of Michelin Pilot Road II for $450.

    I called the bob jane at the top of Elizabeth st for comparison and they quoted $500 for the pilot road II and $550 for the Metzeler M5. Both includes fitting, balancing etc.

    Moral of the story, it is always best to build up a rapport with your local trustworthy motorcycle mechanic and 2 always shop around and ask for prices to find out if your local trust worthy mechanic is infact untrustworthy.
  15. I agree with the ringing around part..!!

    The Elizabeth St Bob Jane were the cheapest I found (made 4-5 calls) for a set of Q2's fitted ($500) - and they are 5min from my office. Other quotes I got were from $508 - $580.
  16. but which tyres did you finally choose? ? ? ?
  17. My mechanic said that as good as the PR2 is the M5 is a new tyre and is selling fast and riders are happy with it.

    I have no doubts about the Michelin Pilot Road 2 but I was sold on the Metzeler M5 after reading about it online and upon my mechanics recommendations.


  18. Thanks for the links on the Metzeler reviews.
    I will look at them when my Rear tyre comes up for replacement. Currently on Michelin PR2s, 120/70 & 160/60. 50k's round trip daily commute.

    I really like the PR2s - you shd see the no. of bikes parked in the CBD with these familiar threads - but certainly not averse to trying on the latest ie. Metzies.
  19. Despite the M5 being a fairly new tyre since Apr/May this year the shop I get my work done said he is recommending his clients to use the M5 and that they are all happy with it. I was always advised to get a dual compund tyre but the M5 has a unique compounding system where after use the tyre wears down evenly avoiding uneven surfaces on the tyre.

    It's also good to know that all BMW motorcycles use Metzeler as their OEM.