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New Section - Good Eats

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I was wondering whether it was worth while putting in a couple of new sections like:
    Good Eating places whilst riding
    Good camping places
    Good drinking holes.

    Anyway, just a thought as many of us are starting to explore new areas and even states.
  2. food's good at my place, does that count??? :D
  3. Harvest and Cheese Freaks in Healesville.
    :D :D :D :D :D
  4. Matt's Bar - upstairs @ Yerring Station, Yarra Glen - easy parking, happy for me to take over the place with all my gear & good coffee - let alone the view .... (closed mondays)
  5. Marmalades in Yea. Big verandah. V cooool. :D :D :D
  6. "Texas Hamburger House", Mercer Street Geelong (just down from Peter Stevens) - damn good hamburgers, good for a feed before or after tackling the GOR.
  7. I must admit I like Blue Train down on Southbank. Good casual vibe, good food and not too silly pricing (for Southbank anyway)

    For cheap you can't go past Mekong in town. More soup then you know where to put for sod all money. Great on a freezing cold day.

    Sacre Bleu is a nice little french restaurant in Olinda (good beers...mmm....Duvel) again with reasonable (but not cheap) prices. Bergerac in the CBD is quite good as well but I think Sacre Bleu has the nicer atmosphere.

    Sukarami in Box Hill is really good as well. Nice Malaysian food, plenty of seating, great salt and pepper squid (which is enough to win me over most times) and they do take away too.

    For Greek I quite like Dips Tavern in Glen Iris and Agapi in Richmond.

    For Turkish, Nicosia in Malvern although it can be a little cramped if it's busy.

    For Chinese I tend to stick with Glenferrie Rd. Either Panda (if you've got a group, works better that way) or San Choy (for 2 - 3 people). If you are in Glenferrie The Base Camp is also excellent nepalese food (mmm...goat).

    For Thai try Krataron in the greek strip in the CBD. Got to plug it because my mate owns it :p

    For Indian it's hard to go past Tandoori Den in Camberwell but they aren't particularly cheap.

    For Japanese try Kansai in Oakleigh. Quaint little place with great food, sumo wrestling and a new "private section" out back that looks like it's a set for a yakuza film.

    Vlado's is also brilliant for steak but I WISH they had a better beer list. Must try Lazars one of these days.

    Oh...and for good pizza, Titch's Pizza Factory in Camberwell.
  8. Guess you don't ride very far LineNoise.

    For tapas, good beer (Duvel, mmmmm) & generally fabulous food (predominantly Greek style) head for The Bond Store on Riverside Drive (next to Eureka and opposite the new Belgian Beer Cafe in Southbank). Open late Thursday & Friday.

    Yeah, I don't get out much either :LOL:
  9. My backyard......best beer garden in Brunswick :)

    Great camp site at POREPUNKAH but a bit of a hike into town for the Pub.
  10. It's largely because I like a drink with my meal to be honest.

    I do know some places further afield.

    Paragon Cafe at Goulburn is quite good as is the Park though I believe one of them has shut down since I was last up there.

    The Cellar on the Broke Road at Pokolbin is quite good (NOT cheap)

    Fisherman's Wharf in Woy Woy is good but normally busy as hell.

    Zorro's in Hahndorf SA is excellent and HUGE servings.

    Know some good places in Germany too if you want :wink: Sabine Schmitz's Fuchsrohre is a fun little place come Rennen time for instance and there are some great little cafes in Cochem an der Mosel.
  11. ...but their coffee is LOUSY, despite the fact that I have told them that on numerous ocasions on my regular visits to Goulburn
    THAT SAID, their chocolate milk shakes should be tasted at least once before you die.
    I can also recommend the Tide and Pilot, out at the end of the jetty at Coffs Harbour; breakfast like you wouldn't believe...
  12. I must say, I'm yet to go anywhere non-trendy in the country that made a decent cup of coffee.

    Now I am an elitest ristretto drinking wanker when it comes to coffee but still...you'd think they could handle a cappucino.
  13. These suggestions/recommendations are great, but I think the question being posed was whether we need some new sections added to the forum.

    I think that'd be very useful - what do our esteemed mods reckon?
  14. why not make a new section for each state e.g hav a nsw section where people can talk about good riding places, good food, good camping and so on in nsw
  15. yep, great idea, and also recomended accommodation places, etc
    perhaps call it Netrider Travel Guide or something
  16. That might get a bit unwieldy. It might be better to have 1 section, but require users to indicate the state in the title of each new thread.
  17. They're not great because they aren't any use as you'd never be able to find the info you want when you need it.

    Controlling the posts would be fairly intensive as the sections would need to be pretty concise to be of any use (the bike review, for instance can be a pain to use but at least it is relatively easy to search for what you want).

    You wouldn't want frilly posts such as this, for example.

    (I also think that the 'states' to which Skuffy was refering to does not mean the usual NSW, VIC, TAS, WA, QLD, SA, NT and THAT OTHER ONE.)
  18. Oakridge Winery about 10km past Coldstream on the way to Healesville, not cheap, but the views from the terrace are magic. Good cheese-platter.

    Wild Thyme Cafe in Warburton, hope the change of ownership hasn't affected the food too much. Nice setting out the back.

    Marysville Bakery.

    Heiner's Bakery (about 100m from town-square direction Yackandandah)
    in Myrtleford.

    Beechworth Bakery.

    Second-last restaurant on right before the bridge in Bright (Hotham-bound), and the IceCreamery diagonally opposite (make their own).

    "Switchyard-Special" brecky at the Khancoban Store.

    Breakfast at the 'old plaza" bakery in Jindabyne. Brilliant views across the lake from the terrace.

    Due to lack of anything special anywhere else...the deli-department of the "new" supermarket in Jindabyne, nice selection.

    The warm dregs out of last night's kegs and an 8-year old Mars-bar at SeldomSeen Servo, 30km or so north of Buchan (somehow finished the ride at lunch) :LOL: :LOL:

    The cafe 50m south of the NewEngland/Bruxner Hwys intersection in Tenterfield (left side/ northbound), neat little vearndah out back, great food.

    Tassie Eastcoast: The Fishing Co-op shop in Little Swanport
    The little restaurant up from the jetty (only one around) in Coles Bay/ Freycinet Peninsula.
    Pancake-Shop, Elephants Pass.
    St. Marys/west to Fingal/ north to Mathinna...best burgers by a mile at the shop in Mathinna.

    NZ-South Island: Best pizzas EVER !! at the Fox Glacier Pizzeria, well worth the $27 each (family size).
    Cafe/ Art shop in Tapanui (Hwy90 Gore-Raes Junction) neat little area out back (through the kitchen). Great tucker.
    Pub at Owaka (Catlins/ Southern Scenic Route), original 50s decor, original 50s service and food, great place.
  19. Only one place I'd throw in...

    Curry Curry, on Burke Rd, Camberwell. Top notch curries. Bit of a curry fan, me.

    The adventurous should ask for Sanjay the owner, tell 'em Loz sent ya and ask for the combat strength, bowel-scourin', ring-a-sting-sting chicken vindaloo.

    Don't let Sanjay's wife talk him into giving you anything less than the REAL DEAL (she likes to protect the customers). Throw down the gauntlet.

    Oh, and a word to the wise: Keep aloe vera tissues in yer dunny, the afterburn can make strong men weep.
  20. Cafe Arroma in Werribee (location of the Westies Coffee Night) does some damn fine food, and Pete the owner loves to spend a few minutes chatting bikes. Ask him to show you the photo of the place full of bikers.

    Flanegans Border Inn in Bacchus Marsh is excellent - bike friendly, and quite simply the best Guinness Pie you'll find.

    I also like the Country House Bakery just on the western side of Colac (on the main street). Get a nice cheap feed there - great when you're freezing cold.

    Finally, Casa del Jake has a good beer garden and an excellent visiting chef, or so I'm told... :p