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New second first bike :D

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ageg, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Well long story short, i brought a bike without checking the LAMS list and couldn't ride it, so I decided to hold onto it for a year and buy a bike to learn on and sell it after i was off my restrictions.

    Picked it up today, didn't ride it back tho(got a mate to help) because i have little riding experience and didn't want to ride on the road and freeways without being comfortable. So im going to ride it around my neighborhood until i feel comfortable and see how we go :).

    I like the bike, im not really a big naked fan but this bike i think looks great! Only problem i have really found with these bikes is that they are hard to source parts for, so im hoping i wont need to do many repairs on it.

    Got all my gear, helmet jacket and pants sorted, so im ready to rock and roll...just need more confidence riding on the streets and you might just see me around sometime soon :)
  2. Nice bike, i've heard Spada's are really good.
  3. Don't forget boots!
  4. Out of interest what's the other bike?
  5. already got a pair sorted :)
  6. Its a fzr600
  7. Congrats man. Spadas are great bikes.
    Once you get comfortable, dont be too scared to get on the major roads. You'll be comfortable in no time.
    I had to ride my bike from Coburg to the CBD and then from the CBD to berwick on my first day on the roads..was a little scared but it got my confidence right up.
  8. Congrats, it looks like it is in great condition.

    If it was anything like my Spada, you shouldnt need to worry about parts to often. Other than the usual maintanence (oil changes etc), mine was rock solid.

    They are a great bike to learn on, have fun
  9. Try cbd to essendon in pouring rain at 5pm on a friday night. Was my time on a brand new bike + first time on the road. Fun.
  10. ha! that would suck...
    But to be honest, all those hairy situations (pouring rain on the monash in my first week, with a massive cross wind throwing me around, on my brand new 250!) made me understand how to ride in those conditions.
    Just b careful!
  11. Looks great im in the process of getting one aswell! happy riding