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New seat - first wash and long-term care

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dwywit, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Hi folks - I just took delivery of a new seat for my renovation project - a 1976 Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans.

    The seat came form MG Cycles in the USA, and it's a replica of the original - same shape, and same material. It's molded rubber, not foam with a vinyl cover.

    It's coated with what I assume is mold release fluid - I guess it's not oil, but a silicone-based treatment. It's rather slippery and I want to remove it before it goes on the bike, so 1. what's the best thing to wash it with? Soapy water, dishwashing detergent, or is there something specific for this sort of thing, and 2. long-term care. I know not to use armour-all on seats. Is Mr. Sheen suitable, or should I look into specific products for molded rubber? If it is actually rubber, that is - it doesn't smell like I expected - it's probably a synthetic material.

    I've sent a query to MG Cycles, but I thought I'd ask here as well.
  2. The best way to care for a seat long-term is to sit in it as much as possible [1]. Drop a few farts and imprint your arse on it. If it gets worn out, then you've done your job.
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  3. Luv to see some photos. I've always loved the look of the 1000s Guzzi's
  4. Well, that's one way of looking at it. This is an ageing italian beauty in the process of getting a facelift. Take Sophia Loren - you wouldn't sit in her lap and fart, would you? :angelic:

    BTW, it's getting replaced because the original HAS been worn out - I mean, 38 years and it needs replacing already? Sheesh.

    MG Cycles wasn't any help.
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  5. Er, it's an 850, but I'll post some photos when she's cleaned up. It's not a pretty sight at the moment - looking a bit worse for wear. It's on the road and running - the mechanicals are fine, but the money's about to run out, and the final $$$ will be spent on repainting the bodywork - rear guard, sidecovers (new), tank, fairing and front guard. They're all faded and looking a bit orangey - at least the red faded to orange and not pink.:bag:

    Or did you mean 1970s Guzzis?
  6. Straight off a google image search:


    it's kinda like this one, only not as pretty/shiny/sparkly, no indicators, and a stainless steel exhaust. I thought the "no indicators" would mean a safety inspection failure, but it was OK. Even the QGAP lady at the local police station was OK with it!
  7. Yeah understand it's an 850. It looks the same as the 1000s I used to lust after back in the 80s

  8. Lust is the right word. I hadn't ridden it for 4 years :'(, then the brakes and fuel system were renovated, and I took it for a spin..... I'd forgotten how much grunt it had (been riding a Yam TTR250 for a while) - it fair gave me the horn, it did.
  9. Stage 2 - I've got some more $$$, so I'm going to start re-assembly. One thing I'll need is a supply of various nuts and bolts, rubber grommets, and so on. Many of the bolts that came off aren't re-usable. This may sound like a dumb question, but I haven't done this sort of stuff in a long time - does anyone know of a good store for this stuff, preferably on the sunshine coast? cheers
  10. Don't use Mr sheen, it's makes the seat slippery as well. I know this from when my dad used it on the car seats when I was a kid. Yes I'm old enough to have been in cars with vinyl seats, in fact my first 3 cars had vinyl seats.
  11. b12mickb12mick - i remember my uncles Kingswood with the bench seat. On hot summer days you used to slide across it ..
  12. Not until after you'd burnt the skin off your legs - damn they were hot.

    The first car I remember my dad having was a HD station wagon, then a HK Premier, then LC Torana. It wasn't until he bought a 'jap crap' '78 Datsun 180B that we had cloth seats.

    My first car was an EH Holden wagon, then a LH Torana, then just before I got married my wife to be made me buy a VC Commodore S - still no cloth seats, it wasn't until it blew up that I bought a VK Berlina with the luxury of velour seats - yum.
  13. b12mickb12mick yes indeed, and he used to play "love to have a beer with Duncan" over and over again. The good ol days ..
  14. Did your dads car have a cassette player? That was the height of luxury, again we didn't get anything that flash until the Dato.
  15. b12mickb12mick yeah my uncles Kingswood had a Eurovox system, courtesy of my dad.
    My first car was a 73' Superbug.. burnt through a few commodores in my 20s then ended up with a VY SV8 with leather interior and now my bike to go with it.

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  16. I haven't owned a car since July 1996 when sold my Subaru Touring wagon to buy my first bike, gear and pay for the training/testing and put some money in the bank.
  17. I use my car for shopping, and carting stuff around.. can't do much of that on the bike.
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  18. My wife owns a car, she uses that to do all that sort of shit. I rarely drive.

    However, in '07 my wife worked in Melbourne on and off for 6 months. I was left with my bike and 2 teenage boys to feed. The eldest had his own transport, a KLR650 and I had the Bandit. If you're organised you can fit quite a bit stuff in the ventura bag. The trick is to write your shopping list out in order of importance, put your bag in the trolley and go round the supermarket starting at the top of the list, when the bag is full, stop shopping. Oh and just put the stuff lose in the bag, easier to cram stuff in that way. One tip though, don't put your bread on the bottom.
  19. b12mickb12mick nice tips .. I'm currently working on my garden etc , so carrying sleepers on the bike might take some effort :)
    Also need the car for the trailer loads of sand etc .. but yeah i certainly get your point with a Ventura bag.
  20. As I said, my wife has a car to do all that sort of shit with, and I have mates who own utes and drink scotch.