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New scooterist in Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gav, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I've posted a couple of times for advice already but thought I'd say hi now. The name's Gavin, I live in the Adelaide Hills. Today I bought my scooter - a Bolwell HD200, very nice - and tomorrow I pick it up and attempt to ride it home. Quite nervous, since the only 2-wheel riding I've done was a few hours on the Ls training course, and now there'll be traffic and a big fast hill between the shop and home!

    Anyway, really glad I found this forum, I've found all sorts of great advice so far. And some new terms ("cager"? "lane splitting"?).

    See some of you around, no doubt... all the best.

  2. Welcome gav.
    I know it will be hard but try and relax when picking the bike up.
    You've got one thing in your favour, the weather is meant to be quite good the day you pick your ride up.
    good luck with it all
  3. Welcome :)

    Just relax and take it nice and slow and you will be fine.
    Last thing you want to do is stiffen up and slow down your reflexes.

    You'll see after a few minutes on the bike, you will begin to loosen up, and as Vossy said, the weather is supposed to be nice :)
  4. Welcome Gav.. The wife used to have a HD200, trust me you will love it.. :grin:
  5. The weather was nice.

    Crowning achievement: Making it up the freeway alive.

    Fun moments: Leaning seems fun.

    Embarrassing moment(s): All of my low speed manuevering. Left foot down. LEFT FOOT! Not RIGHT FOOT!
    You're rolling backwards! Apply the BRAKE! Gah, the helmet fogged up!

    But now... I feel so... virile. I feel an irresponsible urge to do something. Someone.

  6. Haha,

    Nice wheels. You are indeed GLOWING;-)


    P.S. I can only imagine the nervousness as I am yet to get a motorised two-wheel transport.
  7. Great stuff Gav .. :grin: