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New Scooter...

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mr_sikma, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    For anyone interested...

    I picked up my new Bolwell Jolie 50cc yesterday. Got it from Show and Go, Adelaide and drive it 40kms back home to Hillbank for my first ride 8)

    I love it!!! Does 70kmh on a straight flat road pretty easy. Will post some pics soon. I have done 69kms already and its only used about 2-3ltrs of petrol!

  2. Nice work, glad someone's having fun :p 69Km's eh? Is that by chance :LOL:
  3. I can tell you'll be clocking up the kilometres pretty quickly on that thing. I work near Show n Go so I see all the Bolwell scooters zip by all day long
  4. have fun on the new toy, i started on a 50cc scooter and they're a lot of fun :)
  5. hey i looked it up and that thing looks cool! congrats on the new scooter.......i didn't know those things were so affordable as well!

    just wondering....are they like motorbikes in that they can do alotta km in their lifetime or do scooters usually die once they reach a certain km range?
  6. Congratulations and welcome, You will shortlybe asking yourself 'why did I wait so long?'

    My first was 50cc scooter, but a Vespa 50 will only see 70 from the back of a ute.
  7. Thanks for the replies ;)

    Yeah 69kms was a bit of a coincidence!

    Today was a nice day (20deg) so i just had jeans and a short sleave shirt on and it was wicked. Feels fairly quick from take off and so much better with only 1 person and no passenger.

    I am not too sure with the motors and how long they last, but it comes with a 1 year / 10,000kms warranty so they must be able to do a few. I know its only $500- to get a 70cc kit fitted to them, which is pretty much a re-build.

    Now i have one I wonder why i havent had one before, All i can say is come on summer 8)