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New scooter that looks like a motorbike-no gears- CF Moto V3

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Waxski, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. OK I know this forum is for scooters but given that I ride motorbikes as well I just posted this thread in the motorbike section too as it is very interesting for those who may have considered the benefits of a scooter but didn't like the whole feel of a step through type arrangment. For those who just get sick of stop start traffic changing gears, older riders who get back on after years and want an auto but prefer the feel of a motorbike, learners who just can't coordinate the whole gear thing, then this bike just might be for you. I think it bridges the gap between scooters and motorbikes.

    It is a liquid cooled 250cc with a CVT so no gear changing. It has a remote start, alarm, fm radio cassette with usb slot for MP3 flashdrive with weatherproof speakers built into the farings so you can doof doof down the road - ok so maybe this is a bit gimmicky but hey it will be a head turner.

    I had a test ride and it rides like a sports bike with a cruiser style stance and is really stable at low speeds in carparks etc. I understand Arquin will be distributing them.

    And yeah I just bought one of these as well as having my Sachs 150 - hey changing gears is great fun, but the V3 will be great for stop start traffic and good for the freeway.



    *Mod - edited to remove the CAPITALS! Please don't do this again. Carry on then!
  2. seen a few different bikes with CVT.. audis? prefer the scooter style though ;)
  3. Where in Melbourne can one test ride one of these? My wife rides a 125 scooter but is on the lookout for something bigger and she likes the motorcycle look.
  4. Oh dear, now nobody will take you seriously. (ie, not bike riders OR scooter riders)

    Remember the Gilera DNA ? Biggest orphan out there. Those things are harder to off-load than herpes, and they at least have Italian heritage.

  5. Nice ahh
  6. ha ha ha. what will you do???
  7. Thats some serious bling factor.
  8. Ahh so that's what they are. Saw one at the Motorcycle Expo but couldn't remember what brand it was other than the fact it was Chinese. The odd styling was the first thing I noticed, kinda looks like a GPX from the front but from the side looks sorta like a BMW (with a cruiser tail).
    Thought the same thing about newbies myself, seems to be a few that have trouble trying to learn the whole clutch/gears thing and keeping it upright at the same time so having something like this as a starting point might help get more people on bikes.
  9. V3


    Can anyone tell me where i can buy one of these bike/scooters and how much they cost.

    Also has anyone had any major issues.

    I have a Hyosung GV650 which is a great cruiser,but would like to small capacity bike that I can throw around.
  10. Good concept, but PLASTIC BARS?! WTF?
  11. Hey Guys did anyone else buy of try one of these?
    How is yours going Waxski?
  12. That's just a natural progression from Maxi-scooters like the Yamaha Maxam which I believe sell really well in Japan. Reckon it's only a matter of time though before they start sticking CVTs in conventional styled cruisers - could make them a lot more popular in places like the US.
  13. My Gilera looks like a bike and rides like one. Includes small storage space under dummy tank. Takers? :)
  14. DNA... :biker:
  15. Re: V3

    In Sydney they're approximately 6grand all up.
  16. Waxski if you still looking for Gilera DNA 180 give me a call on 0400 202 308 I`m selling mine you can see the details on Scootersales web site
  17. Still ridding my DNA 180, but the V3 & V5 motos both look good. However I think that the V5 is not on sale here. At least its not listed as a product on the Argin web site
  18. Greensborough Motorcycles in Melbourne are dealers for Arqin and are selling lots of the V3's, myself included, I will be purchasing mine in a few weeks from these guys, upgrading from my current 125 scoot.
    Cost wise $6k on the road, hope this helps any Vic purchasers :grin: