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New Scooter Rider

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by mirken69, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. G'day guys,
    I'm new to the world of scooters, i wanna get something in the 150cc range but am not entirely sure what to get, i have about 5G's to spend and was thinking that the bolwell range was the best bang for buck... does anyone suggest differently? and is there much difference to the Bolwell Euro MX 150 and the Bolwell Shark 150???

  2. Saferide

    Plus i'm in Adelaide and i'm doing the saferide course this weekend, can anyone enlighten me on what this entails?
  3. Performance Exhaust

    Sorry, this is question three.
    I've been looking through this sight for most of the day and there seems to be alot of discussion about upgrading a 50cc scooter with bore kits and pulleys and performance exhausts and what not. Is it worth upgrading a Shark 150cc with a performance exhaust? or will i get plenty of "go" without one?
    I know precisely squat about scooters so any help would be appreciated.
  4. The best advice I found was to test ride everything that you think is a maybe.
    After I did the test riding, there was really no choice for me!
  5. Test riding

    Yeah might have to give it a go, cheers amanda. I think showandgo scooters might be worth a visit
  6. Hi mate

    I reckon the best looking scoot going round at the moment is the Bolwell Gmax http://www.scoota.com.au/gmax_f.html

    From memory it is something like $5900 but i could be wrong there. I know its a bit more than you wanted to spend but it could be worth a look anyway.

    Bolwell seem to be very good, they really do have a good reputation. I've ridden the "HD 200" which is actually a 170cc engine and thats a very good machine as well, i guess it would be Bolwells competitor to the Aprilia Sportcity.

    Agree with Amanda, go test ride everything you can get your hands on as soon as you've got your license.

  7. Hello there, welcome to the scooter world. There is a new scooter club started here, so join in for the fun.

    get the exhaust once you have mastered the art of riding, yes it will give you some performance improvement.

    The ridersafe course is very easy, they also have a scooter you can pass the test on also, I suggest you use it. It's dead easy if you do.

    As for which to get, well, like amanda said, sit and ride everyone available and you will know which is best for you. Main things to look for are size of tyres, brakes, service intervals, costs of maintenance, storage capacity, fuel economy, acceleration. Also what can the dealer throw in for free, ie helmet, bike lock, free mods or even a top box.

    PX200 is been raved about so is the X9. Check out the Scooter magazine brought out by Two Wheels.

  8. rider safe

    Yeah i did the first half of the rider safe course on saturday, they started VERY basic. so it shouldn't be to long before i'm on my first scoot. Cheers guys.
  9. Hi there.

    I have had my Bolwell HD200 for a few months now and is a fantastic scoota.
    I did look at the Euro and Shark as well, but thought for that little bit extra, it would be better for me to get something bigger. As far as i've been told, the Euro and Shark are exactly the same engine, just look different on the outside. Both good for suburb & city commuting.

    You are right though, Bolwell is value for money.

    GMAX is also a good looking scoota, very sporty. In the end I tossed up between the GMAX and HD200. If you take both of these for test rides, I think you will agree that the HD200 is more comfortable and has a better sitting position.
    It all depends if you would prefer a step through feet position or with the GMAX you have a foot either side of the fuel tank.

    Also think about what riding you will be doing most.
    If you think you may be doing alot of riding in 80km+ locations, then the HD200 has got that extra punch when you need it.
    Also suitable for freeway riding if you a game enough!!!

    Bolwell is becoming more and more popular here in Australia, without a doubt.

    Good luck with your search and courses.
    I hope I have been of some help to you.
  10. 150cc Vs 170cc

    Cheers Scoota-Jen,
    i've heard the same thing from a couple of sources now about the shark and the euro having basically the same engine.
    Would there be a significant difference between the shark which supposedly has a 150cc engine and the HD200 which has a 170cc engine? i only weigh about 63Kgs so i cant imagine it would be too hard for a 150cc engine to get me to at least 100KPH???
  11. Hi Merkin69,

    No, I suppose the extra 20cc doesnt mean a great deal. I've heard the HD200 will get to 120km comfortably if needed to overtake etc. Havent tried yet!
    It sits on 80-100 no probs.

    I decided to get the HD200, as I thought it may be better for 2 up riding with my husband if I could ever coax him off his bike. :)
    Plus I liked the look of it.
    I even threw around the idea of buying the LeGrande (really liked the look of it). They were selling it for the same price as the HD.

    At the end of the day you have to be comfortable with what you buy.
    Plus seat heights do count.
    If you are shorter in stature, then the seat position on the HD may not allow your feet to comfortably touch the ground. whereas the shark or euro are better for shorter people.

    Take afew for a spin and ask lots of opinions... only way to form your own opinion.

    Let me know what you end up choosing! :moped:
  12. Rider Safe

    Well i managed to pass my ridersafe course with no hassles on saturday, The protest that was being held at Oaklands park was awesome, i've never seen that many bikes in one spot. Best bit was they didn't interfere with us doing our course.
    Now i just gotta get down to showandgo to get my scoot.
  13. hey mirken
    congrats on passing the course.
    definatly go to show and go, they know there scooters and are very helpfull. deal with john if you can as he has helped me a couple of times.
    i have a 2001 gilera runner 180 2stroke.
    very nice scooter, however i previously had a bolwell shark 50cc and it was a much more comfortable scooter. the shark is very stable and has a nice feel to it. within a month i was leaning it pretty well and it handled well.
    in relation to sym/bolwell i think they are an excellent scooter. the only thing that is slightly dodgey about them is the way there put together. it didnt like being pulled apart.
    in the philipines they have the shark 150 and i havent heard of people having troubles with them.
    go here
    and look for the shark attack posts, it has about 20 people talking about the sharks and modifying them.

    also as for speed my 180 runs out of gearing at 140-150 and will cruise all day at 120,

    hope this helps.
    any other questions just ask
    kizza :wink:
  14. Euro 150

    G'day Kizza
    I ended up deciding on the euro 1500cc, its apparently the same as the shark 150 mechanically but it has more leg room/underseat storage. I've put the deposit down for it and i'll be picking it up on friday arvo from showandgo, so hopefully i'll be scooting around adelaide all weekend.
    I went to the phillippines motorcycle forum but it is only half english... but i seemed to get a fair idea of whats going on :p
    And cheers on the advice about pulling tem apart, i'm not to boffed up on the mechanics side of things so i think i'll be leaving repairs/ mods up to the people in the shop... Can anyone recommend a reasonable place to get serviced and to get performance parts installed? Not that i'll be upgrading it till its worn in and i'm used to riding it.
    Thanks guys. (and gals)
  15. Hi Merkin,

    Congrats on passing the course and choosing your scooter.
    I'm sure you will have as much fun as the rest of us.

    Happy Scootering!! :grin:
  16. with the 150cc i doubt you'll find a need to upgrade its performance in a hurry, they have enough go to get you around with ease. enjoy the toy when it arrives and make sure you upload some pictures for us. :)
  17. Woo hoo more people on two wheels, congrats and I hope you all enoy your new scooters.

    If I lived closer to the city I would probably get a scooter, mmm Vespa GT250 looks pretty nice. black with a big screen on front.

    For what it's worth I was once told by a crusty old biker that the first rule in buying a bike was to get one that looks like you wanted to ride it. Performance is only remembered when you do a side by side comparison a bit like TVs in a shop.
  18. show and go for the performance side of things for sure. they have played with a few scooters and are miles ahead of the other joints in south oz. :wink: