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New Scooter Rider (aka, new Range Rover Food)

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by jigme, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Hey.
    I got asked to do an intro, so here I am! :LOL:
    I'm 25 and live in South Perth, Western Australia.
    I'm ravishingly good looking and I ride a Bug Jive. (well, half correct).

    Here's a photo of me on the scooter when I first bought it.

    Here's a photo of my scooter tonight after I couldn't resist the urge any longer to stick an Integra Type R stamp on it. I'm powerless against the power of a cheap gag.

    Has there ever been, or will ever be, any large gathering of scooters for big-ass rides? I reckon it'd be awesome fun to get in a group of scooters and go for a decent ride. Leaving a plume of oily smoke and noise pollution in our wake.

    Anyway. Looking forward to having the piss taken outta me by the sports bikers here :LOL: . Until of course I've paid off my scooter and get my bike license which is a year or so down the track.
    Love the scootering tho.

    Jigme aka Sam
  2. No one here would dream of taking the piss out of scooters :LOL:
    Everyone on Netrider thinks they are absolutely wonderful and all the R1 and GSX guys are just jealous of you... :LOL: :p

    It's the Suzuki Across riders that really get the piss taken :LOL: :LOL:

    Welcome to the forums...

  3. Hi jigme, welcome aboard mate.

    Personally I love scooters and would ride one to work if I didn't live 50kms from the city. That and I love sportsbikes :LOL:

    Scooters are THE ultimate traffic busters, and I reckon have the smallest congestion footprint of any vehicle on the road.

    Anyway, you're on two wheels, and that's the main thing. :)
  4. Hey Sam, the Rice-Scooter man!!! :D
    Welcome to the forum.
    Heaps of scooter riders here, and a couple from Perth as I recollect
    Enjoy :D
  5. See - I told you the R1 riders would be jealous... :LOL: :LOL:
    (alright R6 then...)
  6. Hi jigme , welcome .
  7. Heya jigme - good to see you signed up :)
  8. yo port80. Ta.
    I've given up on trying to bunny hop my scooter. It's pretty much impossible. Darn physics... *looks for my bmx bike*
  9. Well well, another scooterite from perth. Welcome!

    Only 4 times so far. Each run averages over 100 scooters. You need to drop into Scottamoto for info. Im not sure when the next one is, but I expect jan/feb. Closest store would probably be Scarborough beach road mount hawthorn.

    See ya at the next meet maybe?!