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New scooter owner with a few questions

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Brash, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Hi all.

    This is my first post since buying into the scooter craze 2 weeks ago with a Bolwell Red Devil (which is black BTW:?) and I've a few questions I wouldn't mind some thoughts on. I lurked around here for a few weeks before making my purchase which I'm really pleased with, and got a great price of $2800 on road with dual rego, top box and 2 helmets. So far we've done 250kms and am really enjoying the freedom it's given us, though by no means FAST freedom :p

    Generally, do these engines have a run-in period before they give their maximum power and fuel economy?

    I was told that there were no restrictions on it when I bought it, and it will do 70km/h indicated on the flats and over 75 down hill, better then I expected to be honest. Does this sound about right?

    When running down hill at 75km/h+, the engine starts to vibrate harshly, I'm guessing this is just the engine over-reving as I can't imagine they are designed to go much beyond this. If I back off the throttle it goes away, regardless of whether the speed drops. Has anyone else experienced this?

    What fuel economy is to be expected from city riding? My first fill up was only after 120kms. Not that I'm concerned with the cost, more the frequency of bowser visits.

    I've read a lot about upgrading the pipe and variator. I would only be after mods which gave a linear improvement rather than simply more top end speed at the sacrifice of bottom end acceleration. Will either of these mods help me with this?

    Is there any benefit in running high-quality 2 stroke oil or am I simply wasting money on a pointless exercise of extracting more power? I got some Penrite oil labeled as "Race Oil" called
    "S E HI-PER TWO STROKE" which I'll use for the time being.

    Are the headlight bulbs able to be upgraded for something with more punch. They really seem quite dull, not least of which they'll help with being seen during the day.

    Thanks in advance for your comments and I look forward to being part of this community.

  2. Everything you mentioned except fuel tank size can be upgraded. Remember, small scoots are built for urban transport, the headlight i just so you can be seen (urban areas usually well lit) and fuel range is not really an issue in urban areas.
    However, (and this is a point lost on lots of scooter riders, and they don't like hearing it) you bought a small scooter. There is just not a lot of spare room for more fuel, and spending money on engine mods is in my opinion a bit silly, considering you bought a small scoot for it's great fuel economy. Yes mods WILL kill some economy, and you'll still be lucky to see much more top speed.
    I say just enjoy it, upgrade the headlight and then consider if you want to drop half or more of the purchase price on go fast mods, or save it for another, larger scooter. Remember the scooter is already depreciating, so you would end up spending say $1200 on parts that ypu'll NEVER get money back on, and will end up with a scoot that's worth say $1500 in a couple of years that you've spent mod money on. If you spend money modding it, you could have just got a 150/200/ maybe 250.
    And no, I am not a scooter hater, as some would like to believe! I have said many times before that I would have a large scooter if I lived in an urban area.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I think you have a scoot thats doing what its designed to do.
    Enjoy it. Learn from it and upgrade if required later.
    For your beast, 2 stroke oil is 2 stroke oil.
  4. mine does the same thing, i alway back it off a tad just to not flog the motor

    i get just over 130 k's out of a tank
    but its very empty

    pipes work well on this engine (top end)

    lightened variators work well too,

    save up for a 70cc kit and re-jet the carby , thats where real performance gains are noticed but at a loss of fuel economy

    oh and dont forget your shorts, singlet and thongs :wink: :p
  5. :grin: :grin: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Thanks for the tips guys, I'm under no delusion that it's slow, and that the only sure fire way to get power is to upgrade to a larger bike, but that defeats the purpose of choosing a 50cc in the first place.

    One more question, and chance up uprated brake pads for more stopping power?
  7. keep in mind a more powerful headlight will kill your battery. theres bareley enough charge generated by the basic electrics to recharge the battery as it is, and the brighter bulb is just enough to tip it over.

    If you dont mind resorting to the kick start however this isnt realy a problem, thats what Im stuck with at the moment due to a globe change.

    also you mentioned you didnt want any moods that killed your bottom end..... I just fitted a race pipe, and the bottom end went out the window.
  8. What about other types of bulbs? Xeon for example is a better bulb for the same current.

    Is there a part number for the bulbs?
  9. im "moding" my scooter (2004 bolwell jolie) and its so fun! i dont care if i lose money coz its one of my hobbies and im really getting keen on it. i think this forum is gr8 and you guys will be getting heaps of random posts from me!
  10. Not really a "mods" kinda gal myself - however:

    What kind of tyres do those scoots have? Maybe (from a safety point of view) it might be worth getting yourself a good pair of tyres. trust me, you'd be amazed at how many scrapes you stay out of with a pair of sticky tyres!
  11. I'm a big fan of the sticky rubber on my MX5, never thought about it for a scooter, though if it's available and when the time comes might be worth looking into.
  12. isnt the mx5 a girls car? :grin:
  13. hey claire, im running the pirellis... or however its spelt
  14. i have been getting a fair bit loose lately and now im running a slick on the back! haha its still good tho
  15. Ive done the scooter racing on the Michelin Pilot (Sport) Scooter and the Michelin Pilot (City) scooter. These sell in sizes that will fit a red devil. You'll ADORE the grip level. Thats why my GF's scoot has these on, out of my own pocket money.

    You've only done 250km's, the bike will get smoother and better as you break it in more. Don't flog it too much until at least 500km, or you will break it (rather than break it in).

    Dont expect a lot from the headlight on any small scooter. They're built for areas with streetlights and low speeds. If you upgrade the headlight globe it may melt the housing or use up too much power out of the alternator/battery.
  16. Coming from a man riding a Bolwell "Jolie" :?: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. you shut me down! haha
  18. Granted, in stock form MX5's are lacking a masculine gene, though I've modified it somewhat, but all underneath so it's a bit of a sleeper. Nothing too serious though.
  19. a mate of mine worked his mx5..13b turbo series 5 engine.. was off its guts
  20. That's a great mod to do, light and punchy engine. Little bit of work though.