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New scooter don't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nicko18, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. My brother bought a scooter (Manhattan 150L) off ebay in Singleton on the weekend, so me and my dad drove up there, I test rode it to make sure it went ok - worked fine, ran smoothly. It's done 200km.

    Anyways had to attach it to the trailer cos no way i'm going to ride a scooter on highways (which I haven't riden before), and it was POURING with rain the whole way down to Sydney.

    Anyway got home, and the darned thing hasn't started yet. I managed to get a few splutters but on the whole it just turns over without igniting.

    I got a new battery cos the old one drained with all the starts - the spark plug works fine.. the tank is full. I did all the stupid things like make sure kill switch off, ignition on, brake on. I'm wondering if it could be a problem with the fuel delivery?

    There's a little clear tube on the side of the bike that looks much like my friends boat - on the boat we use to check if there's water in the fuel. However on the scooter there is no fuel in it? I'm wondering if this empty tube indicates there's some fuel delivery problem or is it totally non related?

    pic related: that clear bit of tubing. - seems to be coming from the air filter
  2. might be worth mentioning that I think the thing has an immobiliser, but I don't think that should matter if the keys in and ignition turned on.
  3. deleted, re read original post, it does have petrol
  4. That tube looks like an air cleaner drain hose, but a photo of what it is attached too will confirm.

    At a guess I'd say you have a lot of water in the bottom of the tank as a result of the rain.

    There should be a drain on the carbie. open it and let it drain. The get eh fuel tap open (you may need to suck ont he vacuum hose if it doesn't have a prime position) and drain a bit of the tank. Then a cup of metho in the tank. give it a few minutes on prime to get fuel back in the carbie and then start cranking.

    You may want to make sure the battery is fully charged before you start. I've had bikes take a couple of minutes of cranking to get fired up.
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  5. cheers ibast, i will try that. Yep it is attached to the air filter

    Got the trickle charger on the battery in anticipation - but the thing also has a kick start which is handy.
  6. Him
    Just wondering how you got on with the Manhattan? Im thinking about buying one (Mainly becuase of their price) Any suggestions/opinions/advice?
  7. Had a friend who bought one. She was forever having mechanical problems.
  8. I dunno - have heard they don't like the rain very much...
  9. Have you tried it with the key in the ignition and in the on position?????

    other things..

    As OP's have already mentioned...petrol in the tank, fuel tap 'on'
    Is the kill switch in the 'run' position??
    In neutral, not in gear??
    Side stand ??
    Some scooters require you to hold the front or rear brake in to start??
    Does it have a choke?? ie. choke required for a cold start ??

    Noted from an earlier post, you have had the plug out to check the spark. Was the plug wet or dry after the cranking??? wet would indicate plenty of fuel, possibly flooded, dry would indicate not getting any fuel.

    When all else fails....does the owners manual give any clues as to the starting procedure??

    Failing all the above....put it back on the trailer, take it to the tip, get a real bike.