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New school notebook computer stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Ok my eldest son has just brought home from school 1 of uncle kevin rudd's Ienovo notebooks,
    He says it has i tunes which i approve of as he can now get the bloody thing out of my computer, but can't connect to the i tunes store or things like facebook.
    He has tried proxy servers but they don't work (blocked as well),
    Any ideas on how to get him around these obstacles?
    i'd help him just to irritate his teachers but me giving tech advice is about as helpful as a blind drunk man teaching mathematics using only yiddish and worn out broom

  2. My old school made us all get laptop computers. Was brilliant.

    Teacher stood up the front teaching. Students sat at the desks playing Motocross Madness and sharing MP3's.

    Can't remember what it was the teacher was saying but the laptops were good fun. :p
  3. I use ab tutor control at work so whenever a student is doing the wrong thing I lock their computer remotely and advise them to remain on task.
    The reason some sites are blocked is because they cost the school oodles of money.
    Our internet Bill last years was over $200,000 and is greater this year.
    It's not annoying the teachers it's farting around with the school's bandwidth and overall download costs.
    Your kid can access itunes at home as I have to.
  4. i wouldn't mind if they banned the sites via the schools internet, but when he's at home connected to our net i think it would be convenient and free up my computer,
    He is only doing 1 more year of school till he grabs a apprenticeship and has good grades so am not too worried about him messing about on it in class too much.
  5. He should be able to log on as another user then at home.
    Unless I see it in front of me I can't help much sorry...
  6. AFAIK, those computers are "locked" no matter which network you use them on.
  7. He is correct. They connect through a dedicated domain, owned by the NSW-DET, and locked down tighter than a Scotsman's sporran.

    You cannot install anything on them that isn't already there. You cannot remove anything from them that IS already there.


    Useful in bolstering KRudd's reputation for doing things. Useless in every other respect.

    And before the theorists and maybe-ers reply, I have been using these computers for over four months now and I think I know a bit about them.
  8. thanks paul, i thought if anyone would know it would be you, oh well guess i still have to share my computer, on the bright side i have a easy scapegoat for any visited sites not wife approved :LOL:
  9. Paul, can you reformat / replace the hard-drive? (Soz, had to ask! :p)
  10. Thats odd. I had expected this to be the case myself, but I recently was working on my cousins one (its actually a pretty good piece of kit, and it had W7 :D:D) and I was able to get it onto their wireless network, configure their printers, browse the net, set up I tunes and get into so many security settings I was starting to think that they were not locked down at all.

    Are you a teacher/work with schools or something Paul? If so, what is the DETs strategy for managing these things? Because if what you're saying is true it must be done on a school by school basis... but then again each school does not have its own domain... Any ideas why this is so inconsistent?
  11. And if it wasn’t so locked down you would be saying useless because the average family can’t maintain it.
    Paul you will take pot shots at the left of politics no matter what they do.
    Give it a rest.
  12. The locking down of the computers is a nsw det thing.
    In Victoria we get to choose what we want how we get it who from etc and how much locked down we want them to be.
    It's not a KRudd thing it's a nsw DET thing. Paul must have his cheap shots otherwise he won't feel normal.
  13. Pot, Kettle, Black?????
  14. Can you help explain the differences in approach between Kellyville High and the ones towards the south of NSW then Smee?

    I'm genuinley interested to know how the DET is approaching this mountainous task.
  15. Definitely but when the ammunition is just out there who can resist?
  16. I can't speak for NSW schools I don't profess to know or want to know so anything I say is conjecture.
    In Victoria each school can do what it needs to within the guidelines.
  17. there seems to be some quirks in the system, 1 girl at his school can access anything at school or home as the computer obviously wasn't locked properly, whilst his friend is restricted at school but once home can access anything as his internet provider hi-net i think it is seems to somehow free it up
  18. If all else fails, that would actually be a good idea ... buy a 2.5" laptop drive, remove "school" drive, plug in yours, configure once (ie install Windows, apps, setup connection, etc) ... then you can swap over whenever the laptop's at home, and put the school drive in for school?!
  19. Locked down my ass, where theres a cheeky nerd student, theres a way.

    I wasn't even aware that the gvt were rolling out this laptop plan? Having had a laptop for the last 3 years of high school I found it a fantastic learning tool, although when it comes to HSC time you'll have problems actually writing in the exams not being used to it. Although I did my HSC on a comp so wasn't an issue, and I guess everyone will go that way sooner or later.
  20. Correct. Where I went to school the appropriate TPC ports were blocked to prevent us playing Warcraft 2. So we used IPX instead :D