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New schema for the bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. hi y'all


    if you have a desire to change the paint scheme on your bike i.e. tank / fairings / wheel / chassis etc, is there a direction i can be pointed to?

    so (thinking ahead) if my future bike comes stock with black wheels for example, where would you take it to have the wheels painted gold? do you take it back to your dealer and have him send them off to a crash repair shop? do you order a whole new set of wheels from either a local or overseas custom shop?

    what's the most likely process here?
  2. It's totally dependant on your budget and how far you are willing to push it.

    Perhaps call a few powdercoaters and get their recommendations otherwise approach a custom motorcycle shop in your locality.
  3. would you leave the bike with them and expect them to know how to pull it apart and put it back together without ****ing it up though?
  4. I wouldn't trust everyone with my bike so you need to do your homework and search for a reputable and trustworthy shop to do what you are after.

    If you are able to take the bits and pieces to be painted off your bike then it will be cheaper as that way you can also take it to a powdercoater and they can paint to the colour of your choice. If you need somebody to do it for you then you need a good shop. Deus have a good rep in Sydney maybe give them a yell.
  5. For mine it's a good thing to know your bike.
    To strip a bike down is not a hard job. Not for repainting. Would be a good project if you did not need it every day.
    I don't recomend painting it yourself. Way to many curves on a bikes tank and fairings for a novice to do.
    But you can cut costs by stripping it down yourself. Even to the point of hitting it with 1800 to get it ready to be repainted.
    The paint or bike shop can put you in the direction of an anodizer for the rims, triple clams ... what ever.
    It does make all the other alloy bits look tired to when the paint is all new. While it's stripped down is a good time to put on some tunes and get out the autosole. There are car panel beaters who do bikes. They have it on their ad's in the phone book.
  6. cheers


    and cheers

    i love Netrider
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  9. I wouldn't involve a dealer in the process. Go directly to powder/paint shop. I always get another set of panels/wheels to work on. Keep the bike on the road for as long as poss, and gives you a back-up. Ebay is your friend. Find an OS seller that will ship, and you'll still end up in front. I don't think too many wreckers here have heard of the internet judging by the prices they quote. I do my own paint, but I have nakeds. Wouldn't tackle a fairing. Decals can be had easily online if you want to have a factory look. Not sure about anodising as someone has mentioned. I like the finish, but never had it done. Can you even do cast?

    I say go for it :wink: