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New scam email!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Got a new one this morning, one I hadn't seen before, anyway.

    Terrible grammar, terrible spelling, a yahoo email address... dodgy, dodgy dodgy!

    Money laundering anyone? You get 10% :rofl:

    Edit: Can't edit the title, but it should read "scam" email, obviously...

  2. Re: New scan email!

    haha that's brilliant... so gonna look at that site when I get home. I love baiting :D
  3. Re: New scan email!

    Yeah, the website's not bad actually, pretty convincing.
  4. Re: New scan email!

    I've heard of MHF before, but not this scam - it looks like the linked site is legit...
  5. Re: New scan email!

    this is the details of the website

    NIC Handle D105808600-LROR
    Created 28-Feb-2005 23:41:44 UTC
    Changed 14-Feb-2010 09:34:32 UTC
    Expires 28-Feb-2012 23:41:44 UTC
    Registrar Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
    Status OK
    Description tuDcKehf53S82lPY
    Cindy Wolfe
    4020 37 St SW
    Apt H 507
    outside us
    Country Canada (CA )
    Phone +1.4035123414
    Email cindywolfe@telus.net
    Admin Contact tuq7vivQ8BrbwZYG
    Admin Contact Cindy Wolfe
    4020 37 St SW
    Apt H 507
    outside us
    Canada (CA )
    Phone: +1.4035123414
    Tech Contact tuStP76pd3dXL19d
    Tech Contact Cindy Wolfe
    4020 37 St SW
    Apt H 507
    outside us
    Canada (CA )
    Phone: +1.4035123414
  6. Re: New scan email!

    I think you're right actually, their real email address is contact@ministrohf.org

    I'll forward it to them & see what happens...

    Edit: does any of that seem dodgy Smee? Looks like the scammers are "piggy backing" off a legit site...
  7. Re: New scan email!

    that's not uncommon for a scammer to piggyback off a real site. I've seen it loads in banking scams. They just hope you use the contact email address from within the email rather than go to a 'contact us' section of the website.
  8. Re: New scan email!

    10% what a jib!
    I am sending all my personal and financial information along with all my I.D. to Nigeria as a relative I never knew i had has left me $20,000,000.00 !!!
  9. Re: New scan email!

    The last one I got was a traffic ticket from NYC. Lots of vague generic "paperwork" that told me nothing helpful, just instructions demanding I download the attached ticket and take it to the local court house.

    To bad for the scammer, they didn't seem to know what "BCC" was, or what the .au at the end of the dozens of addresses meant.

    The FBI will never take me alive!
  10. Re: New scan email!

    it means "americans united"... right? 8-[
  11. Re: New scan email!

    I never understood how they manage to take peoples money when all you would provide them with is an account number/bsb. Then again I don't know how people are so dumb to believe these emails in the first place.

    These guys are gold at baiting scammers.

  12. Re: New scan email!

    they get your money a couple of ways...most common is once they have your details they tell you they need to lodge application forms or some crap which of course cost money, they dont have the money so can you please send it to them via western union. I use to bait loads of them years back, actually got a couple to email me pictures holding up signs with stupid crap on it like on 419eater, that was before I discoved Netrider and now when I am at work I waste all my time here instead :)
  13. Re: New scan email!

    So its not that they steal money from your account direction its that the people they email are dumb shits and fall for it.. The general public is stupid.
  14. "Arkmed's Undies?"
  15. G'day everyone,...

    You mean all those people who want to give me all those millions are fake,..?

    And all I asked them to do is send me a bank cheaque in my name,...
    I never hear from them again,....

    Dr Who?