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New sachs x road 250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Josh184927, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Howdy all.
    First time poster long time fan... And drinker.
    So I am sitting in my apartment, watching an old UFC waiting for my new sachs x road 250 to be delivered. I haven't read too many 1st person opinions about these but it's a first bike, cheap, wide handlebars and seems like a good commuter to run to work and back every day till I lose my "L's".
    I'll keep every one updated on how it goes and all the rest. I've just been reading about breaking in so I'm looking forward to doing that this afternoon.
    Cheers all and talk soon!

  2. Enjoy mate, seems like a non nonsense bike to commute on :)

    Pictures when you get it, we love pics here.
  3. So did my first 40km on the bike today!
    Here's what I've got for ya!
    Firstly, comfort wise, the seat is a great height. I am 6'2 and 100kg and the seat height, comfort and riding position were perfect for me. The digital instrument panel is great BUT where is my tacho and gem rather gauge? Oh dear.
    The performance was exactly what you would expect from a bike with 13kw. It didn't pull as hard as other bikes I've ridden (even my old zzr), it pulls most in mid range rpm but I am still breaking in the engine so this is all debatable. If you open up the throttle you can definitely get some performance but let's face it that's not why I bought it!
    The handle bars were fantastic for me, nice and wide and it made it very easy to lean into sharp corners comfortable.
    The brakes... Wow. Just wow. The brakes were very responsive and fill me with confidence.
    So if you've any questions please just ask away.
    I bought it to be a commuter and at 3.5k the price s right for a new bike.
    I will throw up some pics soon!
  4. Oh and I forgot to mention vibes. There certainly are quite a few vibrations when pushing her hard. But again, I figure 18 months or so and I will be moving on and looking at an R6 so I can deal with some shakes while commuting.
  5. Hello Josh, welcome along. Thanks for that report. Keep us informed how it goes.
  6. I had a sachs once.

    I loved that bike.

    I get all nostalgic when i see one now.

    Let us know how it gets along, they look pretty cool those bikes they do.

    and pics man!!

  7. Are there any other X-Road owners on here?

    I've had one for a while now and overall

    it's great value for the price...

    And also heaps of fun!

  8. 13KW ! Was that a typo ?
  9. I pick up my sach's x-road 250 this weekend, and your little talk on them has me wanting this week to go faster! haha

    Definitely looks like a great learner and commuter bike which is exactly what im looking for!

    Thanks for the insight!