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New Sachs 150KN Motorbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Waxski, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Howdy

    Just new to the site and doing some research on cheaper bikes. Just made a big interstate move and had to sell my cruising scooter and Suzuki 250 Across so I get to start again.

    I've been looking at the Yamaha Scorpio, Honda CBR125R and a couple of new Chinese bikes - Zongshen and Arquin etc. All around $4,000 or so except the trailbike Zongshen which was $3,500 I think from memory.

    I noticed a few Sachs fans on these forums so I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in for what its worth. Anyways I was looking at smaller bikes cause I am slight build and most 250's feel too big for me (cruising scooters feel alot lighter). So with all dealers pusing their own brands and dishing out on others, a dealer who has Sachs mentioned a new 150cc 5 speed motorbike coming out. Now when he told me the price I didn't really believe him.....wait for it......$1,990 plus on road.

    So today I rang up the importer to confirm this and its true. He also said the bikes should be here next week and at dealers soon there after. Now I actually saw a photo and it has a kinda 80's retro look to it (I'm a teen of the 80's so retro is back in for me). Reminds me of an 80's style Kawasaki with 5 spoke wheels (2 ribs each spoke) that come out from the hub and get closer together only to flare out again at the rim. It is naked except for a bikini fairing over the squarer looking headlight.....it grows on you as something a little different from the standard naked bikes out there. Sounds like plans are also there in the future for a classic front chrome headlight look also.

    I've always been impressed by the build quality on the Madass and have been keen to see more when it was mentioned to me earlier in the year that the Madass was only the first Sachs bike coming out with (they are releasing some scooters also). It comes from the same factory in China as the Madass and I understand they also do some other major brands under licence so they have experience in bolting together a good bike.

    So it might not be what everyone is looking for, but for smaller people, learners or just a commuter bike (one that you don't care about so much when someone comes along and pushes it over for fun whilst drunk in the city on a Friday night) then it could be a goer. Even on the second hand market it is hard finding a bike for under $2,000 to start out and without warranty. Given that it is $2,000 cheaper than anything close it will be interesting to see if it becomes as well accepted as the Madass. Looks like there will also be some other models coming in the future for the 250 cruiser fans and even the bigger 500cc class but that may be a way off. With this agressive pricing it will be interesting to see what the bigger bikes come in at. Keep your eye out at your local Sachs dealer by the looks.

  2. If that is true, we will see hundreds of the little buggers running around. :?
  3. With that sort of retail price it could also make for an interesting one-make racing series.
  4. From Waxski's desciption, it's sounds very much like the X-Road that Stigger linked to. Looks like the runt of the VTR/Monster litter.

    The website that Stigger links to lists the price at GBP2499, so I find it a little hard to believe you'd be able to get them for $1999 here... Here's hoping though. I 'd love to get one for bread and milk runs...
  5. The ultimate disposable motorbike.
  6. I would be much more comfortable lacing some 17" rims to an old TTR250 or similar. You know it's bulletproof, you know you can get parts for it, it's also good for offroad, less weight, heaps more power....

    Granted you would need to find a good buy to do it for 2 grand, but easy done for a little bit more.
  7. Dunno though remember 125cc is at premium prices in the UK cos thats what learners ride, also straight dollar pound don't always work...
  8. True, although can't imagine that even with that a European made motorcycle could wind up costing more in England than here. If I remember rightly though Sachs does have a plant in China producing bikes for the Asian market - if they're planning on sourcing them from there then that would explain the low price.
  9. Hope it was worth the wait.......

    Wow its great to see that this is such an active forum with so many people already reading this post. Thanks for adding Sachs web links - I did the same searching the net for reviews or anything like this bike but nothing. I did find an article toward the end of last year that said Sachs Germany had gone into liquidation as one of the biggest Chinese shareholders pulled out and ran with their own products (Sym which is Bolwell Scooters). But they must have had a last minute buyout cause now they are producing models again. I noted from the links that they had Suzuki engines in some of them - this may give a clue as to which of the larger manufacturers actually build bikes and motors out of this factory. The importer said the model has been in production for a while and has been tried and tested overseas - very popular bike in Turkey. They have put it throughs its paces here in Oz before they decided to bring them in....some others didn't make it so at least we know the importer is interested in quality....not that we should expect the quality of a Jap bike at these prices but it is still a Sachs product so it has the German design background.

    Anyways just to stop anymore speculation I took a photo of a photo so the quality isn't the hottest but without further ado here it is.....80's retro is back don't you think - check out the wheels - hope I described them right previously??? With a chrome headlight it would look like most other nakeds out there for alot less $ minus the wheels of course. This is the red bike and there is also a grey and red - I've already put my order in for the grey and red - bike unseen (I hear there are quite a few orders in already from customers without even seeing the bike yet). But for a $2,000 bike who cares - its not a postie (not insulting postie riders here). Don't know if I was allowed to take this pic and post it but hey I am only trying to get people excited in the bike as I am. Plus it will only help the dealers and importer with getting people talking about it. So it ain't no Madass but at $2,000 I reckon it will KICKASS!!!!!!


  10. my eyes :shock: that is a shocker, I love it!

    So who did you buy it from?? :?
  11. I'd take that over a CBR125, Scorpio or CBF anyday.

    My moneys still on the Madass though, what not to love about this...

  12. is aus getting the xtc 125? looks better then the cbr125r
  13. I guess you could say it has a retro look. Though to me doesn't really look any different to any of the many cheap motorcycles being produced/sold in Asia
    Still if they bring out a 500cc bike for a decent price I'd definately be interested - could make a far better project bike than trying to buy an older classic (eg SR500).
  14. Ah ha, so that's why it looks Chinese - this is the new FY150-3 from FYM (Guangzhao Panyu Huanan) motors China:
  15. Yep that looks like it JD. Where did you find that link on the net?? Looking at one website from FYM I suspect the 250 cruiser may be the one they will bring out. Not sure about the bigger bikes. Had a sit on the Yam Scorpio and the 125 Honda again today. Still nice bikes but the Yam definately feels like a trail bike - looks like it is built in Indonesia according to the badge.
  16. Google image search - it was a better pic than the one on their official website (http://www.hnmoto.com/)
    The 250 cruiser would make sense to sell here, though I think that model's been in production for a long time. I also wouldn't be surprised if they start selling the FY150G (copy of the X-road someone posted earlier), especially if it went on sale for a similarly low price.

    Oh and looks like you can have fun with an FY150
  17. An American tourist in China bought one in 2005; here are some impressions (search for FY150 - there's quite a bit):
    www dot patmartino dot blogspot dot com (can't post URLs)

    Apparently it's about $AUS1100 to buy it there.