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New SA netrider here just saying Hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 92_Ducati_900_SS, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hey there everyone.
    Just been told about this site from a guy i was talking to online, so i thought i'd check it out. I prefer internet clubs/forums as my work hours make it hard to get to clubs meeting on week nights. So this suits me well. Well im from SA and love riding anytime, anywhere. I dont ride to push myself hard, just to enjoy myself. Getting into the Adelaide hills more and more now too.
    Anyways just saying hi and soon there will be a few pics of my ride. Here he is. (I call it a "he" 'cos this Ducati has got balls!)
    Look forward to chatting to you all adn maybe meeting up for rides.
    Ride safe everyone. Peace!


    (I found out the problem i was having and thankyou for the help i got. Very much apreciated.)

  2. hi, and welcome to the forum
  3. ciao !
    welcome fellow Ducatisti !
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  5. Welcome, I hope you enjoy the crazniess around here.

    Are you trying to use the "Add image to post" link down the bottom or are you using [​IMG]
  6. Geeze dude, judging by that 3rd pic, you're tiny! Tell me, when you're on the bike, how do you get the side stand up and down, it looks like you can barely reach the pegs! :)

    Anyway, welcome to the forum, there are lots of good times to be had and hours to waste on here! Hopefully we'll see you around.
  7. Welcome Paul, Seems we are getting more & more South Aussies, nice bike, maybe you can join us on a ride sometime soon
  8. wow, seems like netriders are gettin younger and younger!!!!!!!
  9. Unless you're trying to sell the bike (or the child) what's the urgency to post pictures that 'forces' you to contravene the Ts&Cs (as you have been reminded by Loz) and post the images in your sig??

    Grow up, remove them, or you will be removed.
  10. There was no ugrency. Why didnt someone jsut PM and tell me what the problem was? I jsut thought there was some error on my part. Can i stop being attacked thankyou? serisiouly i didnt know and there was no way i could even ask someone for help on the matter as i couldnt even PM a moderator or administrator. As i have been reminded by Loz? that was only like a few hours ago at the most...ive been scanning my posts all day waiting for someone to help me. i didnt do it purposely to upset anyone. I was just trying to be freindly. But so far all ive seem to have done is upset 2 moderators. Seriously can people calm down? chill out? What do you want from me? an apology? sure im sorry i didnt know any better. im sorry ive upset people. Serisouly though can these and other replyies relating to my images problem please be removed? i dont believe they are needed and i would like to jsut get on with being a contributing member of the forum, and join also as a paid member. I just wanted to see how nice and friendly things were first before i signed up and paid.

    Again i apologise to to anyone and everyone who had been ofended or upset in anyway by what has transpired. It was not my intentions to get on anyones bad side. I hope this misunderstanding can be put behind us thanks.

    And a big thankyou to kezza01, Mickyb V9, DelusionL, sketchie, Muppeteer, and KevS for such a warm welcome and happy greeting from you all. cheer mates!

    Look forward to seeing people out.

  11. Permision to speak freely, Sir?

    At my old place.

    Up in the hills, Lobethal i think from memory...

    Down the south east, Coonalpyn. And no this is not me on it, its my nephew.
  12. Gee thats abit harsh, the guys new here and Im sure he didnt break the rules intentionally, maybe a nice polite reminder of the rules and a warm welcome would have been more appropriate dont you think?
  13. That would be a first Kev :LOL:
    you should be a comedien :p
    you know the first greeting from a mod is usually a bloody big hammer on the head if you dare to do something wrong,,some manners are lacking from some people,,
    Glad we are not all like that

    Welcome Paul,hope to see you out with us sometime soon,
  14. Oh no!, what have i started!

    *Hangs my head in shame*

    Celebrity deathmatch! Mods Vs Newbie
  15. Get used to it mate,happens all the time,lots of caustic crap disguised as sarcasm which doesnt represent 99% of people in here,,there is no need for it and is not welcome,and not very good PR for the site...
  16. SSSSSSSHHHHHHhhhh....please...they'll hear us! If you must, whisper like this...

    I dont want to be labeled "the shit-stirrin' stick" this early on in my membership please! SSSSSHHhhhhh.......
  17. Well obviously Im not the only one that thought the Mods comments Harsh, perhaps a little more patients and forgivness to new members not fully understanding the T&C's would be the better way to deal with things.
  18. its happening more an more in threads everywhere. total bullshit in my mind. then again.. im south australian... ;)

    anyways.. welcome and be good to see you out on a wednesday.

    if u choose to eat.. i recommend the calzone ;)
  19. Thanks DelusionL for the welcome. It was you who told me about the site anyway. So i also thankyou for that Bud!
    (So if anyone hates me being here, blame him. I wouldn't have joined if it wasn't for him. He He He He.)