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New s/h Triumph to replace a Gixxer :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Jeimbo, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Got myself a 2006 Triumph Sprint 1050 today. 2009 GSXR 750 has done 19,000km in 16 months and while it's been fun, it takes it's toll on my 42 year old slightly ricketty frame.

    So I was considering looking at bikes with slightly more upright riding positions and prob more toward the 1000cc. Mrs put meonto the 1050 Trumpy triple. Research showed bucketrs of torque and useable power in the mid range. Gixxer had the party started over 8-9000rpm.

    We went out for a look the other day while out on the bikes and have a look at PS Ringwood. We find 3 Sprints.One has all luggage but has these 'orrible risers - like 4" risers - no good.The other is a pricey blue ABS model with square tourer tyres. Last is a silver unit that has decent tyres (Dunlop Roadsmarts) and looks the business but alas was recently traded and flat dead battery so tested the blue one and loved it. Hypothetically mooted a tidy trade on the GSXR pending a satisfactory test on the silver Sprint post service and detail (+new battery) and as it happens it fitted the bill today so signed over the Gixxer today and rode home on the Trumpy. Here she is - a ripper unit. I love it and can't wait to get out again.

    The exhaust note is brilliant - no need for aftermarket pipes. The torque is phenomenal and it's soo much more relaxing to ride. Twist the wrist and it barks and accelerates beautifully. Will be great to get it in the twisties as well as put away 700+km per day. Makes me wonder how I did 760km to Canberra the long way on the Gixxer!!

    Brakes are superb, susp prob a little soft, gearbox slick as and the paint and finish excellent.It is a 2006 with 22K on the clock but it's condition is well above average - well cared for obviously. I love the eccentricity of the single sided swing arm and inboard rear disc too.

    Hope to get out and about on this one soon as the weather improves. Will be good not to have to unkink myself from a ride.

    Thanks Gixxer, had a blast but you're a young 'un's bike.

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  2. great stuff !

    Looks fantastic !

    triple treat !
  3. You WILL enjoy!!!
  4. Well done Jeimbo. Farkle 'er up!
  5. Nice jeimbo you will love it "

    If it's good weather Saturday am drop me a pm and we can go for a ride around the hills from beaconsfield for a couple of hours if your free '
  6. Sweet bike
  7. Gday
    That'd be great but have my young fella this weekend. Will give you a hoy next week though. Went B'Field - Gembrook - Emerald - back hom last week -little bit of gravel and some dirt/clay from roadworks but otherwise okay.

  8. Lies, lies I say!

    Enjoy though.
  9. Bastard.

    Welcome to the dark side. You will soon know that 3 is the right number of cylinders for a bike.
  10. Cool sounds good .yes beaconsfield/emerald rd is crap right now road works and stones I go through harkaway on berwick rd and on to Wellington road to emerald .good run to gembrook .c u soon ridesafe
  11. Pretty. Nice pickup. Welcome to the Post-Gix-Trumpy club!

  12. Love being called a bastard, prick, arsehole etc when I get another ride as it means it's envied!!

    3 cyls are grouse!! All the power and torque where you want it.

    My 4 year old cameto my house for the weekend and being a bike afficiendo needed to suss the Trumpy out. He yelled out 'Dad, you've got 3 motors!!'

    He'd spotted the faux triple pipes out the back!!!