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New Rocko Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KeyserSosey, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Ok - So its been 9 years since I went for a ride....and even then it was only a ZZR250.

    Back then I didn't appreciate what having a bike offered so I sold my bike and years on I now crave hanging out with my mates....who all have bikes.

    I I have my RE License since I never bothered upgrading after selling the ZZR and now I am on the hunt for a decent entry level bike to spend a year or 2 finding out what I need to know to become a good rider, and a safe one since I have 4 kids :)

    All I know is I need something with more power than the old ZZR and I love naked bikes. Let the serious research begin!
  2. Welcome KS, I agree about the naked ones. There is a decent range of LAMS naked's on the market these days with a range of prices. What is your price range? Want a second hand beater to begin with or go straight to a new bwet ride?

    I believe there are also some threads on here if you do a search, discussing LAMS bikes pros and cons. you can also search bikesales.com etc... for LAMS + naked etc...
    Enjoy the hunt and buy a monster!

  3. haha

    Currently I am liking the look and sound of the Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS. The monster looks mean...but not sure I want to shell out over $10,000 unless I know what I am doing and want to keep the bike for a long time. I like the sound of going fast AKA sports bike....but I want to enjoy the ride not just the adrenaline. This bike is to last me 3-4 years before an upgrade when I am comfortable with riding a bigger bike
  4. The Vulcan is a different looking kind of sports bike! Looks pretty sweet though - hadn't seen them before just checked. I have only been riding a month and just got to the point of finding the full power of my bike on the weekend when did an Advanced riding course, well worth while to learn about what a new bike can do, emergency stops and cornering. The power will be enough for me for the time being while on restricted licence. Does make one see the attraction of a sports bike though.

    Have you gone sit on / test ride any yet? The more experienced heads on here will advise trying as many different bikes that interest you to try find right fit, ergonomics, etc... In the end though it seems to come down to what tickles your fancy.
  5. Welcome to NR...

    Best thing to do is sit on a few bikes and see how you go (As above).

    Also, depending on your height and sitting position (sports or cruiser with a more upright position), check this website:

    Motorcycle Ergonomics

    It will give you an idea re: various bike and their styles.

    Have Fun! :D
  6. welcome aboard :) good luck on the search for your new ride