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NSW New road rules from 01/11/2012

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by NSSherlock, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. The changes to rules from 1/11/2012 are listed in the pdf at http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/downloads/nsw_road_rules_2012.pdf

    The mobile phone rule has been publicised a lot but not the others AFAIK. Many of the others I thought were already in existence. There is one that relates to GPS use and mounting which would be applicable to GPS software in a phone.

    Would this apply to bikes and would a "fixed mounting" include a clear tank bag pocket? I've never used a GPS on the Bike but might someday and have thought of just sticking it in my pocket and listening.

    Also, on use of mobile phones (this is as is AFAIK)

    What's the explicit definition of "parked"?
    I'd think it would be ok to pull off the road, turn off the engine and then maybe make a call but would you need to also get off the bike if you wanted to hold the phone to make a call? Is there a requirement for a helmet to be on every time you are seated on the bike in a public place?

    Safest way I'd figure would be to park it, get off and then make a call but I might like to just sit on the bike in the carpark at the headland and call while watching the waves.
  2. Good pickup! I guess we would need to get the manufacturers to say on their website that the tank bag is designed to hold a GPS and then everything is all fine and dandy.

    I think that as long as the engine is not running, then you should be okay, as long as you're in a place where you can be parked. For added safety, put the kickstand down, but you probably don't need to actually get off.
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  3. Aren't these updates for clarification rather than actual rule changes?
  4. I wonder if my own custom mount for the GPS would pass muster - utilises the actual mount that came with it but the method of attaching it to the bike is not standard - just a RAM system.
  5. Some seem to be except the mobile phone and Visual Display Unit ones although maybe they were Australian Road Rules that weren't specific in the NSW regs? Not sure on that.. There was no previous requirement to have a mobile phone or Visual Display Unit (which includes GPS) mounted.
    Even if a mobile phone is used for audio output (such as playing through a car stereo) it needs to now be mounted or if not mounted:
    "If not in a mounting, use of the mobile phone must not require a driver to touch or manipulate the phone in any way." . That applies when using the audio out function too.
    "Not require" - interesting.
  6. But you weren't allowed to be holding or touching a mobile previous to this, I'm reasonably sure...
  7. Its just bau, dont enforce the laws you already have just make new ones to seem like you are doing something.
  8. Probably. But now you can touch the screen if it is mounted but only to make or receive calls ( I thought it was only to receive calls) or to use the audio function (play music) and, it seems, to use the GPS. You'd have to be able to turn it off if it was not mounted I'd assume.
  9. I really dont understand how mounted is safer
  10. I think they are trying to show the distinction (now that the lines are so blurred) between what is acceptable as a mobile phone (ie. nothing) vs what is acceptable as a gps (rigidly bound constraints) now that a mobile can effectively double as a dozen different utilities.
  11. Why the fuck would anyone want access to their mobile phone on a bike? :bolt:
  12. Recently a guy I know got a fine for talking on his mobile while he was pulled off to the side of the road - car off - but keys still in the ignition. Apparently you're considered to be "in control of a motor vehicle" when the keys are not removed.
  13. Pussywhipped
  14. I use my mobile phone on the bike to listen to music on some journeys. It is stored inside my jacket chest pocket and I so i have access to change volume or skip tracks which only requires taking a hand off my handle bars.

    I wonder if a jacket pocket is classed as a mount.... The pocket does have waterproof lining so I have just assumed that was it was designed for... :)
  15. You might be safer to use headphones with a remote control, though not every phone supports this...
  16. Because deep down they don't want to be any different from a car driver is the answer you're looking for.
  17. Because they listen to music or have turn by turn navigation turned on more likely.
  18. That's the sort of thing I was wondering about. You could be classified as "in control" of a bike when you are basically sitting on it and may even need to keep a helmet on - that would suck. I've heard of some being fined pushing a bike in a servo without a helmet on.
  19. Huh?
    NBN News just had a segment on this and they said that when entering a roundabout you always need to use your left indicator even if going straight ahead and yet the pdf file I linked to says:
    "Signalling at a roundabout
    Drivers entering a roundabout and intending to turn
    either left or right, must give sufficient warning to other
    road users by signalling before entering the roundabout.
    The image below illustrates this.
    Previously a driver had to indicate only when entering
    the roundabout.
    When exiting a roundabout, whether turning left, right
    or even straight ahead, drivers must always indicate a
    left turn just before exiting, unless it is not practical to
    do so."

    which is exactly as I thought it had always been.

  20. The amendment says "mounting affixed to the vehicle".

    It also says "the mounting is commercially designed and manufactured
    for that purpose".

    The actual amendments are at http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/downloads/road_amendment_miscellaneous_rules2012.pdf