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VIC New Road Rules and the Black Spur

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by moto2, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. A post on here about the Black Spur got me thinking about the new road rules being introduced on November 9. This one in particular:

    Centre dividing line
    A driver will not be able to overtake, or do a U-turn across a single continuous centre line, or a single continuous line to the left of a broken line.

    From memory the entire length of the Spur is marked by a continuous single line meaning now that it is effectively a No Overtaking Zone.

    If the 80km speed zone hasn't killed the Spur for motorbikes then this certainly will.

  2. A really significant number of numpties get up there and traverse the spur at sub 40kmh on weekends. Surely that constitutes an obstruction? You are allowed to cross the line to avoid an obstruction...

    Think we need to start giving them the sh#ts... if they can't manage at least 70 they need to be flashed and beeped. It's pathetic I know, but if we all do it the complaints getting back to cops and Vicroads might make them do something about the markings.
  3. Does anyone get the feeling that the more rules and restrictions they create, the dumber the drivers are getting?

    Like the Black Spur. Big signs "SLOW VEHICLE PULL OUT". Surely they must know that they are the slow vehicle, yet they still look confused as to why they are being flashed.
  4. Does anyone get the feeling that people do not search earlier posts to see if a matter has already been (extensively) discussed?
  5. Does anyone get the feeling that 'does anyone get the feeling' could be the next big thing?
  6. Does anyone get the feeling that they're being watched?
  7. ...Oh what a feeling!!... *jumping in the air!!*

  8. It's going to be interesting when I face a judge to explain I overtook the farm tractor doing 20km/h in a 100km/h zone over a single solid line because I had 400m of clear visibility and that the only thing was the Police car hiding in the trees.

    Of course public roads are just that, public roads not race tracks and too many on 2, 4 & 18 wheels keep confusing that on the Spurs & GOR.
  9. 60-70 in a car on the Spur is about the comfortable limit for driving with a passenger in a normal run of the mill car. So the reason why drivers don't pull over is because they really don't feel that they are going slow. What is a reasonable pace in my car feels like walking speed on my bike.
  10. This is my car...


    ...yes. For really real, hand on heart.

    I still overtake people on the spur in it. :tantrum:
  11. When we mistakenly made the decision to go home via the BS (good name for that road now) there were numerous signs about slow vehicles, consider those behind them and pull over where allowed.

    Naturally, not one of them did so.

    What this new rule does is to save Vicroads having to paint double lines everywhere where overtaking is considered by them to be 'dangerous', and for existing roads with these lines, voila, instantly 'safe' road...

    What with the proposed centre line WRBs and this, you really gotta wonder at the rocket scientists that we long suffering taxpayers prop up...
  12. lol!

    I am sure you do. I'm more referring to a comfortable speed with passengers who aren't interested in the time it gets to a destination. Sure, you can go way quicker, but in anything other than a sports orientated car, what's the point? Waaaay more fun (and easier) on a bike.

    The VW, wow. Takes you back.
  13. Sounds like its time for me to take my Landrover up and down a few times...
    at 40kmh or so.............
    (on a sunday)....................:demon:

    Lets REALLY upset some drivers....
  14. haha, make a protest to get broken lines. Riders driving through there on sundays for a month at 30k's or so
  15. Last time I rode up the BS, the woman driving in front of me decided to try and overtake a truck on double lines around one of the bigger, completely blind hair-pin bends. ](*,)

    It only took about 3 seconds before she nearly hit an oncoming vehicle... so maybe let all the riders know before you go out there then have a blast, because you're going to leave a lot of moronic overtakers (and their prey) in a world of pain...
  16. awesomeness.
  17. Sorry mate, but you'll be lost in the crowd :p

    I think mtj57 is absolutely right. This change is another example of Vicroads minimising the amount of work it needs to do, in trying to achieve the objectives set for it by Spring Street.

    It saves them assessing and marking roads, replacing that work with blanket bans.

    The reality, for me, is that I will now end up choosing to break this law (where it is safe to do so), and I'll have to lump the consequences if caught. So be it. They've left me no rational choice.
  18. +1

    There is a member on here whose signature used to read 'When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty'. A reference, I believe, to Adam Kokesh. While I can't begin to equate this to war, I feel the sentiment is still relevant.
  19. maybe i am incorrect but i thought the reason we have the single white line is that it is easier to see where the road goes instead of the broken line, hence why most mountain roads have a single line (not double) as it's meant to be a broken but a single is easier to see.....but meh could be completely wrong
  20. Funds anyone? It will increase the bussies work load but it will increase funds going to the government.

    I like this one:
    'Animals can’t be carried between the rider and the handlebars of a motorcycle.'
    There is an exemption for farmers though.. well.. who the f**k else is going to dink an animal?