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New Road Race Circuit For Central Coast NSW?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Speedy, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I have been approached by Ross Nielsen, proprietor of Focus Prestige Motor Body Works, to assess interest in supporting a proposal for a new road race circuit on the Central Coast.

    Ross tells me that he was initially approached by the Deputy (?) Mayor of Gosford, and he is in the process of gathering support from the local motor industry, including bikes, to run up a combined front of support for the proposal. At this stage I haven’t quizzed Ross too deeply on this with regards to approvals and financing. He did reinforce to me that there is encouragement from both Wyong and Gosford Councils.

    Ross has asked that I distribute this throughout the motorcycle community, to garner support from industry players. He asks that interested parties write to him via email


    indicating what you perceive the benefits of such a proposal would be to you, the community, and the coast in general. One benefit I see straight up that plays into the police and politicians hands, is getting road racers off the Old Road and onto a controlled environment. Other obvious benefits would be to rider/driver training efforts, general industry development that would go hand in hand with racing, as well as the boost to our local economy. I am confident that others could add myriads of other uses that don’t quite come to mind at the moment!

    Ross is arranging a photo shoot with some interested parties for 29 January. We at Image have committed to supplying 3 bikes for the shoot along with myself and other staff dressed in corporate garb. He indicated that he would welcome as many in the industry to this shoot as we can organise.

    Anyone interested, please send me a PM, or contact me on 0410 741066.

    This would be great to make happen, and the fact that the local pollies kicked this off shows that this may go further than previous abortive efforts such as the proposal for the Newcastle Speedway site!
  2. Sounds great, now all we need to do is convince them to resurface some of the crappy roads around there also!
  3. NSW is starved for Circuits. Bring it on.
  4. Any potential sites at this stage ? Hmmm Warnervale is rapidly running out of land IIRC and State government has dibs on the stuff near the airport for the future train station. Wyong Council has dibs on dirt for future residential, and then there's Doug Eaton with his patch out the back of the Mitre 10. The rest out there is wetland and protected.

    As an Ex-Pat of that region It'd be a great location for a track and would no doubt be quite capable of drawing folk from both north and south. Are support requests limited to residents only ?

    Maybe all that unused land just off the link road around BlueHaven and Charmhaven could be used, the plots near the council's overpass bridge ???
  5. Any letters of support are most welcome, be it businesses, residents, non residents, anyone who can see a benefit are welcome to drop Ross a line and let him know we are behind him. These letters of support will be rolled out to stakeholders to show them the interest that is being generated in this exciting project.
    Ross's email focusoo7@bigpond.com.au
  6. I'm amazed at the lack of interest in this. Everyone whinges that there is no where to ride, this road and that road are heavily policed, Oh me oh my I have nowhere to stretch my bikes legs. Someone offers to go into bat to get a real live race circuit, and members here are too busy arguing about stuff like counter steering and ridiculous claims that leaning a bike does not turn it, to spend 5 minutes sending an email of support to someone who is trying to do something real.
    So all you Notriders can go back to arguing about stuff you all know nothing about and simmer in your stews of complacancy.
    And when we have nowhere at all to ride, look at yourselves in the mirror and congratulate yourselves on a job well done.
  7. Speedy, all due respect to Ross Nielsen and yourself. But if a track is commercially viable in the area indicated and will pass council and other government criteria and is well financed then it will go ahead.

    I've no idea about the crediblity of either of you so I can't in good faith endorse you and a generic "a track will take speedsters off the old pac" letter sounds meaningless even to me.

    You want to use a forum to garner support but you haven't used the internet to provide the details that would make your request something more than another dream. Maps, artists drawing, proposed usages outlined, some financing details including credible investors, etc atc. You expect the reader to follow it up.

    Also, as you clearly stated, this is not a very racing/track orientated forum, it is very beginner-centric. Just as importantly, this is predominantly a Victorian site.

    It may be worth editing out your last post because this site could be useful to you in the future?
  8. Fair go speedy, I respond to your post with a request for more information and you gave me an email address in return. Your reply here to the absence of a stampede of flailing fan-boi's is uncalled for nor deserved.

    In order to garner the same levels of passion for an idea, to the levels that you so clearly posess, you have to "sell" the idea and generate interest. If every good cause was placed at the foot of someone who didn't know the first place to look OR the breadth and depth of what they are looking for, how well do you reckon ideas would go ?

    Good luck garnering interest here on in, I mean the way you write it if we're not with you immediately we're against you. Oh and i'll be sure to shoot your mate ANOTHER email telling him of your methodology behind acquiring expressions of interest.
  9. Maybe I was a bit harsh. If my version of calling a spade a spade offended anyone, I apologise. I will not edit the post as what was said, was said.
    I judged the response here compared to the level of responses and discussion on other forums, which I took to be a fair indication of interest. Maybe I was unduly optimistic.
    And Sharkuss, make sure you send a copy of THIS post to Ross as well.
  10. Sadly, it will never happen.
  11. UPDATE
    This was brought before Wyong Council last night. It received unanimous support from ALL councillors, even the Greens are backing it at this early stage.
    See yesterday's Central Coast Express Advocate for the interview with Deputy Mayor John McNamara.
    So the stage is set now for further development of the concept.
    Stay tuned!
  12. Well there's already a private race track owned by the ex CEO of Coca Cola in the area, so a precedent is already set for having one.

    Very interesting!!!
  13. any track will need to meet the relevant noise criteria for whatever area its in.

    race tracks suffer fairly harsh noise limits and its one of the reasons go-kart tracks are so far out in the bush.

    any noise assessment will be fairly costly and will most likely need to include modelling of the propagation from the site.
  14. Yep, the current noise limits are ridiculous, makes it near impossible to operate a race track. God help anyone who tries to make a race track!
  15. Make all bikes and cars meet a compulsory 96db limit.

  16. unfortunately its not that simple.

    for sound power (Lw dB(A))
    take these examples:
    2 bikes = 99dBA Lw
    4 bikes = 102dB(A) Lw
    8 bikes = 105dB(A) Lw...

    of course, bikes will be spread out across the venue but the equivalent continuous noise level at any point on the track will be higher than if there was only one bike going around.

    if the venue has a limit of 5dB above background, and the background is 40dBA L90 then 45dBA Leq or less needs to be achieved at the boundary of the venue.

    to get a drop from ~96dB to 45dB you need a distance of ~125metres.

    but if you have to drop from 105dB to 45dB then you need a distance of ~400m

    -at these kind of distances barriers have little to no effect on noise reduction.
    -you'd have to comply in certain weather conditions. A breeze in the direction of the nearby residences could increase noise received by as much as 12dB! this would push that 400m out to ~1.4km
    -limits apply to any residence, farm houses, etc.
    -of course, this isn't a proper acoustic assessment and there would be tons of calculations involved to do it as required by the DECC, Council and legislation.