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New Rims

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nodz, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. My CB250's got plastic five spoked rims that are bright white, not sure that I like them. In the US, the bike was marketed as the Nighthawk and had spoked rims.
    Anyone, any idea where I can source a set of spoked rims and how much they're likely to cost and fit?

  2. Maybe try some paint first??
  3. Don't think paint's the go, something odd about five spokes on this bike, three or five on a sports bike yes, but this one, not too sure about
  4. You could buy a different bike, it is what it is, a very basic commuter bike.
    From your posts it would seem that overall you are not all that happy with it.
    You have complained about it's performance and wanted advice on hotting it up or putting a larger engine in it.
    Now you want different wheels, next it will be suspension.
    Save your enthusiasm for when you move onto something else, you'll be much happier with the result.
    In the meantime just enjoy your first bike and maybe start planning your next bike project.
  5. Scooter, not the case. Don't want a different bike. It is a basic commuter but my pride and joy. Not unhappy with performance, just wanted something to work on by perhaps getting a spare engine, getting it ready to put in bike if it needs it. Maybe try something different by putting a bigger engine in the frame. Something unsual that may not have been done before, eg modifying it with spoked wheels in Australia.
    I don't want to sell it when I upgrade, will try and keep it (if I can afford too) for riding occasionally.
    Nothing wrong with my bike, I think it's a good one, just trying to improve it a little more.
  6. Mate put your bike on the mantle piece, its a collectors item, stock standard with plastic wheels :shock: Would they be like the wheels on the old bmx bikes put them in the freezer to take the buckles out.

    Sorry mate just pulling ya leg, try alloy wheels either powdercoated or more than likely painted. :D

    Try another color, cheap, and amazing how it can change the overall looks :wink:
  7. Fair enough.

    If you can't find the right wheels in Oz, you might need to try the US (nighthawk?) but importing could be exy.

    Maybe another (earlier) model of the cb250 will fit? Try wreckers and compare. The bike is so solid and reliable it's barely changed over the years, I'm sure the earlier versions had spokes.

    Good luck

  8. By the looks of it the US Nighthawk has drum brakes on the front as oposed to the disks of the Aussie one. Back wheel might be doable, but probably pretty pricey to import. For the front you maybe able to find a similar bike or from older model maybe. Possibly even a dirt bike wheel (although in 18' may be hard to do unless you source from a smaller motocross bike as most are 21' but may be able to use a diff size or something).

    I recon first thing would be to check around wreckers and similar places.
  9. Looking at these pics I find it hard to visualize what you can hope to achieve.

    pic 1
    pic 2
    pic 3

    the best thing you can do is ride it, wear it out, spend little and look to the future.
    You may not agree now, it's a good first bike for many reasons, but given time you will change your mind.
  10. rims cost a heaps, my advise is save ya money for a bigger bike, its not worth throwing money at 250's
  11. Nodz, later model CB's (I think 96 or 97ish onwards) had dark grey wheels (same wheels, different colour) which would be a direct swap for yours. Shouldn't be too hard to find at a wreckers.