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New Riding Mix Compilation!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Ayo Kano, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Hey guys check out my latest edit, all feedback is welcome, remember to show some love and like it if you're a youtube account holder :)

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  2. #2 smileedude, Sep 6, 2013
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    Love the video but don't be an idiot. Keep it to yourself or you'll find yourself on the news.
  3. yeah here we go indeed...

    the font used at the start of the vid does not fit- i suggest you keep it simple...

    and why you crash so much?
  4. the font did cross my mind after the fact.
  5. Man that was some sick crashing skills, I wish I could crash like that.
  6. feedback on the music has been 99% good so far, but that probably has to do with viewer age, unfortunately cannot please everyone in that area :(
  7. #8 Kermie, Sep 7, 2013
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    Like your 10 mile clip, this not as much.

    I wouldn't put to much emphasis about the feedback given here, the audience ranges from nannies to junkies.

    My favourite clips.

    Stay upright, perhaps see you on Putty or @ the track.
  8. Thanks for the vid, very informative!

    I used to wonder why sportsbikes were so expensive to insure, thanks for clearing that up for me!
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  9. Nice video man, liked it alot.
  10. I love both those videos as well!! DragonSlayer is a cracker! it's actually in my list of inspiring videos on my youtube channel, also thanks SPDY B :)
  11. So was it you who got collected by the duke? Other than that pretty good
  12. was actually diesel on the road that washed out both front ends, nobody hit anybody :)
  13. err, you know by posting this you are exposing yourself legally for not much gain? & making the cops put more focus on the ten mile i.e. ruining it for the rest of us?

    they are starting checks on exhausts at truckers memorial & sittingin the middle of long straits, next they will be patrolling the 10 mile....

    this is not the fast bikes magazine flying around northern spain, there are no naughty brits to blame
  14. loved it.

    yep, puts heat on everyone.
    newsflash. you are going to be harassed over summer anyway.

    conclusion. fcuk em. fcuk em all. fcuk nanny right up the bumhole.
    have fun anyway. enjoy life. live like it's a free country and you are free.
    it's good to see people who still do and always will, no matter how oppressive society becomes.
  15. Some nice bikes in your group there.
    I liked the video but felt bad for your bike.