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New rides for a rider in sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Johnrhys, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Ive done the boring rides

    example - south via the highway

    I need some New ways of getting south or north towards newcastle even if it adds a few hours on top

    For south towards nowra im going macquarie pass then back to kiama and to nowra via berry (best donuts)

    but is there any other ways.

    To newcastle i took the obvious highway straight there pretty much which is boring as bat shit.

    Can anyone give me a few different ways to go from experience?

    From Campbelltown, Sydney :)

    And for riding length, minimum hourish max...about half day so say 4-6 hours
  2. do the putty to newcastle?

    also they aren't terribly exciting in the cut-throat knee-dragging sense but there is the penrith runs you could ride up and join in on
  3. Not really into knee dragging due to i dont know how to get my bike down that low yet ...emphasis on YET :D

    penrith run where do you head? and hmm putty run sounds good my sister lives in warner bay ill stay at hers :)

    Next penrith run is it on the 9th? Ill be keen its the day before my mums birthday might cool me down (not on good terms) :)
  4. i've doomed myself to be joining in on the 7-9th (hopefully i've got the cash aside to get the brakes fixed otherwise it's going to be haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiry) so will more than likely be missing out on the upcoming run on the 9th (you are correct on the date) and we head ....where-ever really...picton...lithgow....bathurst...appin..have been done so far...all with the majority of riding done on back-roads i think now that the first few runs are done and dusted - we're finding more out of the way/longer trips as you always end up wanting more by the end of 150-200kms

    as for trouble's with the mother - we've all been there.
  5. I might join you on the 7-9 unless its a experienced only or something haha

    as for a trip i got bored and made one from my area down the gong cut through macquarie pass to moss vale up old hume highway then remembrance drive through picton then razorback back to camden then back to campbelltown total of 220.9kms haha might do this be it alone or with riders :)

    With a personal stop at picton general cemetery to see my bestmates grave.

    heres the picture of the route zoomed out obviously

  6. naw i'm not to be considered experienced by any means and i havn't been told to sod off yet so your more than welcome - there's a thread floating around with the details ...nitekreeper/northener/snuff3r etc already confirmed if your keen or atleast interested let it be known there as they are booking a hotel for the first night and just winging it on the second night....

    if you ever feel like stretching your leg's even the highway run down to narooma/bermagui is a great ride...(i've got family there so can take my time and crash the night before heading back the next day) especially after batemans bay area to narooma...there's alot of areas with long sweeping corners you can contently ride at ...a enjoyable speed.
  7. Just sussed the thread out for the 7th-9th and im really interested can you make an estimate of the funds id need cause i want to do a few runs in the next few months before navy make there decision what ship im posted on in February so atm im doing nothing really hahaha so i might keep my stock exhaust and use the 550 for a few runs..

    how much would i need?
    And i might be a bit slower...on my Ls and all :\

    wouldnt want to slow them down..
  8. man i'm only on my p's and from what i've heard about the putty runs is that the group doesn't really stick together - more...start out together and catch up at meet points so i presume this to be the same, i'll be taking it easy as it'll be my first time for the majority of roads planned

    i'd say if the first nights accomodation was said to be around $55 then maybe $250-$270 max...that'll cover petrol hotel rooms & food/beer or two if your so inclined.
  9. *nods* spot on...gonna be fuggin rooted at the end of it
  10. Im going to put my name down for it... AS LONG as its definately back by the 9th :) sure my mothers birthday is the monday but i have a meeting with my Commanding officer at 9am monday morning hahaha ill bring like 400 because i dont drink beer only spirits haha hahaha
  11. Nowra via Kangaroo Valley?

    Some very lovely roads and routes through there
  12. Havent done that yet actually nocturne im quite keen to do it after next weekends putty :D
  13. You'll love it! The scenery alone is absolutely stunning! Just be wary of potential damnp roads due to the cliffs+plant coverage. I dont think slow moving vehicles will be much of an issue ;)
  14. Im not to confident around corners at higher speeds yet, if i had say a wr450f and it was a dirt corner id brap around the corner sideways kick it back i can ride dirt bikes but road bikes corners are totally different haha :)