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New riders tips on buying gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MGz-87, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. hey everyone.

    ive just started riding and im looking to buy a leather jacket which will provide me with the safety and comfort needed to ride. i havent had much of a look around but ive looked at MCA at parramatta and had a look at the Alpinestars Stunt and TZ-1 jackets. They seem to be great quality jackets and they have a good reputation from what ive heard, they only problem is they are priced between $750-$900.
    My question is, is it really necessary for me to spend that much on a jacket? or can i get a jacket of equal quality for a lower price, i.e. am i just paying for the brand?
    I was just wondering where i could find some other good jackets? or what some other good brands are?

    What brands give the best value for money?

    Also wondering what a good pair of gloves are? and what other safety gear i should consider. Thanks

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,
  2. Maybe buy overseas as an option ?
  3. You do pay for a brand-name, and unfortunately it doesn't guarantee quality. Your best bet is to inspect the particular jacket yourself - check the quality of the stitching, the thickness of the leather. If you don't know any better, take someone who does. :)

    Personally, I rode around most of my first year in an old Walden Miller jacket - was quite good! I'm now wearing a custom fit jacket with armour, which I have a feeling will offer much better protection in an accident.
  4. I'm absolutely rapt with my Racemaster leather jacket. The model I got is the dyno. Great quality heavy leather jacket, nice looking too!

    The dyno jacket comes in red (what I got), green, blue, pink, and grey. Here's a pic. Has a removable liner, armour, and zips for airflow in summer.

    $250, and there's also a netrider discount!

    (I'm just a happy customer, I get nothing out of recommending this jacket).

    Call Craig on 0422 872 925.

    If you want to have a look at it and live in Melbourne, come to coffee on Friday, I'll be wearing mine.

  5. ok where are these Racemaster jackets available? like location wise?

    any other pics?

    also how are dainese? i found them more comfortable than alpinestar when trying them on.

  6. also. what are a good set of gloves to get for a resonable price.

  7. my infamous "3 1/2 cow jacket" was from Mars in Elizabeth street. I'm quite fond of it. One advantage of the Mars jacket is that you can dubbin the stitching and it won't screw it up - some brands specifically state "don't dubbin the stitching".

    As for gloves, I just replaced mine with a pair of Clark Typhoons (from City West Yamaha in Hoppers Crossing) - $79 and I'm VERY happy with them. Exactly what I wanted. I also liked the C&S ones, but I can't remember the model. I have a broad hand though, so finding a comfortable glove for me can be a challenge.

    Shop around, try everything. Find out what fits best, then try to get them all in a package (with some $ off).

    Netrider discount is a wonderful thing.
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  9. I recently bought my joerocket razor suit and some crofts racing gloves from them. Suit - excellent, love it. The gloves I'm really impressed with for $79, they were everybit as comfy as the $150+ gloves. The expensive ones had more trick bits - safety stuff, but I'm not sure how much difference it would make *shrugs*, I recommend these gloves.
  10. If you are keen on the Alpinestars jackets, and know which size you are, then you may want to consider:


    I haven't used them personally (yet) but I have heard from others that they are very good to deal with. The stunt jacket, even after postage, comes out under $500 or so I think. MOre expensive than the other options here, but hey, some people prefer buying brand names.

  11. racemasters site is at www.rmgear.com.au

    he's in narre warren, doesn't mind visitors and will gladly post if thats what you want. and even if you get the sizing wrong, i beleive he's normally fine with doing an exchange if you ask nicely :D

    and after having a bit of a fling with name brands, i'm well and truly happy to forget the label and pay half the price for the same quality....
  12. I used to have a Mars leather jacket and pants and they are quite well made but they are basic suits... no CE armor and pretty heavy and not ventilated. They last pretty much forever though :)

    I currently wear a Walden Miller jacket and pants (which has CE armour in the shoulers, back and arms) which may provide extra protection in an accident (or it may not... depends upon the accident). The zips aren't as thick and solid as the Mars ones but the jacket and pants are much more comfortable (custom fitted set).
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  15. guys...

    i just brought myself some LARO leathers...

    Good quality gear at a very cheap price... highly recommend


    I have the leather and the summer jacket.. and im buying the leather pants which zips to the jack really soon.
  16. these dont look too bad .. hmm.. does anyone else have an opinion on LARO leathers ???
    with the metro leather jacket. Is it better suited to winter? what i mean is, would i be able to wear it in both winter and summer or would it get too hot??
    where can i take a look at the jackets and try them on for size?

  17. I think it's the same deal as most of the new gear on the market, you have to go to them for the gear if you don't want it posted to you, shame that, I have seen some of their stuff looks good but I like to try it on before I buy, saves on return postage costs if things aren't right.