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New riders need to be patient

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rcdarkangel, May 30, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I suppose that first I should provide a little bit of background before I go into my long winded rant.

    I have been riding for many years off road using dirt bikes and ag bikes. I have had my fair share of spills and pretty bad accidents.

    I have recently completed both my pre learner L's test and also completed the knowledge test. I am a competent smart and safe rider.

    However I am very, very stupid when it came to actually purchasing a bike and my own impatience was my downfall.

    I work in a job where I am well off so I decided to take a loan out for a bike before I even had my licsense. I ended up not having enough after buying gear and a few others things and I started freaking out getting impatient and wanting to ride so I rushed out and purchased the first thing I could that was cheap.

    I ended up purchasing a ZZR-250 "95" model for 2800 dollars. Now my first mistake was trusting both the seller and the sellers add. The add said that the bike had some small cosmetic damage and the pictures showed this to be true.

    Now due to my impaitence to be riding again I forgave this and did not get the bike looked at, rather I paid him the cash and I had him ride it to my location.

    HEAVY damage to all fairings and they were loosely hanging from the bike, oil leaks, worn tires, no pink slip as stated, blinkers that did not always work. Now even after all of this I had still considered that I had gotten a bargain so I thought that I could live with it.

    Well now for the bad news, I have just discovered that the sprocket rubbers on the back are gone which is going to cost me 40 dollars to look at, the steering bearing assembely is gone which is going to set me back another 150 dollars. The fairings are damaged that badly that they all need replacing which I have not finished quoting yet. The bike also needs a full service as well as the engine is performing really poorly, their is a knock in the engine.

    Anyway I dont mean for this to sound like a rant I want this to be a warning to others who may be in my shoes. YOU MUST EXCERSISE PATIENCE!! I can not stress this enough, if you need to wait another 3 weeks to have it looked over or to have all the money then so be it.

    Because I was foolish I am now out of pocket a hell of a lot of money and I am also unsafe on the road. This is my fault, my stupidity and you can avoid my my mistakes.

    Stay safe, stay smart and have fun.
  2. I am sorry to hear what happened to you. I hope the overall costs is not too bad.

    I pretty much bought the first bike I looked at and got lucky that it is a fair conditioned bike (has it's issues but are easily fixed).
  3. :eek: sorry to hear that.

    Life is full of lessons to be learned! :LOL: this is one just one that went bad get it checked out buy a good merchanic to see if there is anything else wrong with it! dont want it to be a lemon waste of time...

    I know what it's like to be excited and not think about the consequences :mad:
  4. It is unfortunate that we do that when we have endless amounts of enuthisuasim for something that is we sometimes jump into situations with blinkers on.!! Really sorry to hear that you eneded up with a machine that is not in the condition that you thought it was. I hope that with sone hunting around you can find a good deal on some of the repairs! A good lesson for all newbies.
  5. thanks for sharing.
  6. I was in a similar position, but did exercise some patience....

    ..ended up with a very good condition 1980 CB250 for $1,000 which I am falling in love with.

    There is an awful load of rubbish out there - and I was looking at up to $3,000 before I regained my senses....

    Take time to look it over; go away and think about it....then think some more - you WILL have to sell it on at some stage, and you WILL have to spend a little more money on it in the interim!
  7. Sorry to hear champ....

    It is very unfortunate that a thing that was meant to bring such joy and excitement has caused such stress and anger.

    Defiantly lesson learnt and thanks for sharing with others!
  8. Definately a good thing for new riders to be aware of !

    It is so easy to get excited and rush out and buy the first bike you see, i did the same but was reasonably lucky.
  9. Ah bugger mate, but good on ya for sharing your story. I did the opposite, I took my time, nearly 3 months from getting the Ls to buying the bike.

    Took me a while to decide what bike I wanted and then took a fair while to find one that I liked and the condition that I wanted it in. I had a couple of Netriders check the bike out for me before I purchased it.

    I bought from a dealer so I prolly paid more for the bike than I needed to, but meh, I dont regret it, she starts first time every time and hasn't missed a beat, and if I keep looking after her they way I have I shouldn't lose too much when it is ugrade time.

    I hope it all comes together for you.
  10. i did the same, 6 months though. bought a 94 zzr for 2k, cost me another thou to get it on the road. t'was a good bike til i owned it :)
  11. Thanks for the hint. I was about to head out tomorrow and do exactly the same thing after being sweet talked by a dealer......(i was only looking and getting prices and found that I was ready to walk out with it straight away). Thank you for the advice.
  12. IMHO you only think you are a competent, smart and safe rider.

    Unfortunately, I'm sure you will find out soon that your not. However, I do hope that you come to no harm. Can I remind you of this in the future?

    Mate, I've been riding/driving fro 40 odd years, and I still make errors of judgment and do stupid things...just not as often as I use to. I admit I don't know it all.

    Stay safe.
  13. Mate, thanks for sharing. Just wondering how you can be so wise in some things you write and so full of it in others?

    If you think you know it all (and you clearly dont) you WILL get hurt.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope it works out.
  14. I will put it this way,

    I have been riding for a very long time and I consider that I am a safe and confident rider.

    I dont pertain to know all however I do know that I am safer then the majority of motorcyclists that I see on the road everyday. I watch them speed and cut through traffic narrowly avoiding colliding with cars. I mean dont get me wrong I have had my share of accidents. 70 Km's along a dirt road hit a boulder that had come down in the rain and smashed my face in to the handle bars and fractured my jaw and smashed all my teeth up.

    Will I crash again in the future? Most likely yes, I am still learning as I have been for years and you know what? I will always be learning something new everyday as I strive to perfect and practice my riding.

    I just try to ride to the best of my ability and I respect my limits, I dont speed and I dont take stupid risks. My post was not to say that I know better it was simply to warn those against taking my path.

    The reason that this happened is because I had not ridden for so long I could not wait to get back into the saddle. If I had simply contained my excitement and waited a little longer I would not be in this situation.

    It is my fault, my stupidity and I will have to live with that mistake for a long time to come.
  15. Stop! You've done it again. You're a cocky impatient 19yr old. End of story :roll:

    Some of us have been riding for longer than your arse has been pointing to the ground and some for twice as long and we still dont have your attitude.
  16. You are entitled to your opionion. I have been riding all my life and I know that I ride to the best of my ability. I may not be a boy racer, I may not be the fastest but I am safe.

    Take your attitude elsewhere because I really dont care how long you have been riding for or how much better you think you are. I am happy with my ability and that is all that matters.
  17. Jeez guys - calm down!

    I don't think we should react to every word written in a post - we are all of different abilities and attitudes (I am a poor rider with very limited experience but I don't think I want everyone telling me!) and I am sure we could all do with constructive advice.........

    Chill out, dudes! :cool:
  18. My First bike I was lucky enough to buy new but, I almost took the risk of buying interstate but at the end of the day I pulled out and spent a little extra on being able to see what I was getting and knowing history, Im glad I did now reading the first story but hey you have learn t a lesson and you learn from your mistakes. :oops:
  19. Hate to disagree, but I'm 40+ and have been riding either motocross, trail or road for close on 30 years and I don't have your attitude.
    You have little to no road experience. Trail / motocross skills help you stay upright. Road skills / experience keep you alive.

    I repeat You have little to no road experience. You do NOT have the experience to make a call like that. I take "risks" sometimes. But I consider I have the training, skills and experience to make a calculated assesment of those risks. Agreed there are some real knobs riding, its just that you are not qualified to say who they are. Give it 5-10 years.

    Stay upright.
  20. :applause: