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New Rider's choice 07 cbr125 or second hand cnr250rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FTO, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I know there are many of me (new rider) and I'm also new to this forum. I havn't got my licence or any training yet, but I am very keen on getting my first bike. I have been mountain biking for 10 years now (dunno if that helps at all).

    I'm looking at 2 bikes now, the 07 cbr125 and either a grey import 07 cbr250rr or just a regular second hand cbr250rr. Thing is Ive heard that its hard/very expensive or impossible to get insurance for the grey imports. Umm the only reason Id consider getting the cbr125 is the price and also the handling. I have no idea which one to get. I know you will ask me my budget, but if the cbr250rr is like considerably better and worth $6900 then the 125 is wat Ill go for. have so many question Im trying to ask, but I think I should take it 1 step at a time. Thnx.
  2. Hey FTO, go join a car forum lol :p

    Depends on how tall you are, some people find the 125/250 cbr's tiny and end up having their head over the screen.

    $6900? Thats bloody expensive, might as well get a brand new bike *cough* gt250r *cough* yeah yeah i know im being biased but i did get the hyo over the cbr cos of warranty.

    If you still want a cbr, find one for about 4-5k. With the expensive ones your just paying for the paint job :p
  3. lol, was told to stay away from Hyosung's. But thnx for the reply. Bout my height, lol ironic how my concern is also to get 1 for my height. Im not a tall guy at around 168-170 so yea mayb cbr's are good form me. So I should stay away from the 125's? Im going to be with this bike for a while, dont wanna be left in the dust. So all Im left with is a cbr250rr or the gt250.
  4. Hi FTO

    I'm in exactly the same shoes as you, trying to work out what to get. I like the CBR125 however I find that I am a little bit cramped when I do sit on it, although I am 185.. Maybe it's different when i'm riding it, I dunno yet cause I haven't actually ridden it...

    The GT250R isn't a bad looking bike, and sits almost exactly the same size as the 600 although I am a bit dubious paying the extra for a bike I have never heard of. No offence to the Hyuosung owners, but i'd rather spend the money on something like a ZZR/GPX

    Problem I have with the imports, is that although they are nice bikes, warranty and insurance I am not looking forward to, which is the reason I am looking to a new bike. (More than likely be the Yamaha Scorpio 225 now)

  5. If you have $7k to spend and would accept second hand what about a Cagiva Mito or Aprilia 125?
  6. No CBR250 is worth 7k - especially considering that none have been made since 1994. The 125 is cheap but you need to consider the fact that it's just a cheap Thai-built bike and you might get bored with the lack of hp very quick (puts out just 13hp compared with 35-40 for most 250s). If you want something with fairings then there's plenty of options - for 7 grand you'd be far better off with a brand new GPX or even a GT250R. For 4 grand you should be able to pick up one of the other, less popular, 4-cylinder 250s like a FZR or ZX2R - if you want something that's not a grey import then a locally delivered Suzuki Across would be a good option.
  7. Agreed, for a bike that was designed nearly 20years ago! They usually sell for about 4-5k, there are plenty that come up on in market. Then your have regulator rectifier issues (sometimes)

    If you need the Hyusong for less than 2 years (warranty period), if it fits your purpose go for it! But ride all the choices
  8. FTO, you can also check out the RGV 250, nothing wrong with power with this thing. Ive seen it in the flesh and it defiently flies, then again u need to rev the bejesus out of it just like any 2 stroke....

    Old bikes usually have a reliability issue, even Honda cbr250rr's.

    I'd stay away from the cbr125, like slow_suzuki said, if u have that amount of cash (7k) then get yourself a aprilia 125 or something. Nice looking bikes and quick.

    btw, 170cm tall? cbr sized bikes should be fine for ya hehe. I'm 176 and the gt250r is just perfect.
  9. Lol, thnx guys for all the reply's. Ive just found out that this guy I use to hang out with, now has a zzr250. LOL so now I need something that can keep up with that. I'm also with "Tubby" where he said he wont buy a bike, from a company he hasn't heard of. So if a 2 stroke like the rs125 or the RGV 250 can keep up with a zzr250 then Ill get one of them. But for some reason I was told by 2 of my biker friends to stay away from 2 strokes. They said they use to be good in the past, but now, 4 strokes are better.

    Also mentioning things like high maintenance, fumes, the sound and not really good at going after 80km/h. If that's the case then I might get a second hand cbr250rr or sometin. Thing is I don't actually have the 7k now. Still gotta save up. But what I meant was I'm willing to spend up to around that much "if I have to", meaning if its worth it. Even though you said no cbr250rr is worth 7k. I also need to spare cash on good gear. Was also told not to skimp out on the gear, buy really good gear first and leave the rest of the cash to get a bike. So I need to find out also in the forum where to discuss this about.

    I just want a bike that can go, good handling not too worried bout looks, but don't want something that looks like those postman bikes/cruisers or wateva u call em. I know I'm asking for "everything", but yea, kinda confused because I don't want to make the mistake by getting the wrong bike.

    Thnx for all the reply's.
  10. lol at the company you havent heard of

    the CBR125 is an asian built bike as mentioned with the honda name on it

    there is many many large companies in asia that sell an unbelievebale amount of bikes

    like anything you need to buy smart , buy a nice tidy CBR for $4K and it will do you through and return your cash at sale

    same with a ZZR/GPX, there is plenty around, just gotta buy smart
  11. lol, I was talking bout the hyosung or however u spell it. I need any bike thats better than a zzr250.
  12. Hyosung started out making Suzukis under licence - no different to Thai Honda making Hondas under licence. Only difference is that Hyosungs been making bikes for 30 years, Thai Honda's been making them for 20.
  13. Firstly a cbr250rr is no better than my pushbike, let alone a zzr250. :shock:(no offence meant) And as for Hyosung, there are quite a few forum members here who have them and love them, and i know i would choose one of them if i was starting out again. Why is it that people forget that all 250's are slow for a reason, they are to learn your craft on.. :roll: But if you want, go get a thrashed 10 year old 250 with an 07 compliance plate on it.. :? Oh and i my first bike was a zzr250, and it never missed a beat. :wink:
  14. i saw a CBR125 for the first time on the road today. i nearly fell off my storm laughing. if you want a grey import, go a spada, about 3.5grand will get you a decent one. forget a 2 stroke unless you are handy with a spanner and want a difficult bike to ride. cbr250 over priced for what they are. they are bloody fast little mongrels in the right hands, but you want to have an educated appreciation of what you are paying for before you part with your money.
    the GTR250, chubby and underpowered, pigs to corner if they are anything like their big brother. they look pretty nice though. dont buy one without a warrenty.
    anything wrong with a naked or is that not your thing?
    gpx/zzr, same bike different fairing and wheels. after doing a bit of work on one. they are friggin pricks to repair compared to a honda, something to consider if you are into working it yourself. although i did like the racing preparation supplement in the GPX250 repair manual. gave me a good laugh.

  15. I was quoted $5,400 on road for the CBR125R the other day.

    - $5,400 CBR125R ($300 cash back if you buy stock that was delivered before August 31st, Peter Stevens say they are only receiving 1 more delivery before then)
    - ~$1500 Riding gear, helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants
    - $250+ Lerners permit
    - ~$300 for third party insurance

    Total = ~$7500 - that CBR125R isn't looking so cheap now. I'm in the same position, thinking about booking my L's very soon but not sure on either CBR125R or GPX-250R (under $7k on the road new) or going for something second hand...
  16. why???

    feel free to run out there, chasing the fastest bike just coz u want to race your mates at the lights and win, but i'll be calling you Statistic from now on, not FTO.

    before you jump on your cibby, have you asked how much insurance is gonna cost you? im assuming your under 25, Ls or Ps in the car. in three years your probably gonna pay more in insurance than u payed for the bike :LOL: :LOL: :p

    i was the same as you originally, looking at faired bikes, after all, theyre damn sexy. but after considering everything, im set on a VTR250. theyre comfy, naked, and pretty much bulletproof. yah im gonna be paying a bit more for one, but just in general, you should also consider naked bikes. fairings dont add to hp :wink:

    all the best with your hunt :)
  17. Umm the cbr125 is only $3990 breand new. I don't know where you got 5400 from.

  18. LOl but theyre so sexy, I want to get use to the feeling of being on a prper sports bike, not a chopper. Like Im not saying naked's are bad, I dunno Im still new to all this. So there are no good faired bikes I can consider etting? Or do they stand no chance against naked's?
  19. Like I said, on the road. $4000 after cash back is excluding on road costs. They are stamp duty, registration, dealer delivery etc.
  20. I own and ride a CBR250RR.

    Despite what Blue14 wrote, they're very quick little machines, will smash a ZZR250 and I just sold mine for $4400. It's gettable.

    Don't comprehensively insure anything <=250cc. You'd spend more on your excess than you would fixing the bike if you stacked it. Just get private health insurance instead ;)

    Provided you buy a CBR250RR (note the double R, not the single which has a distinct disadvantage of only a single brake disc) that has been cared for, ridden properly and not thrashed to shit, you will enjoy the ride.

    I don't get what all the CBR bashing is about? Sure they're a 15 year old bike but jesus TF christ they're still selling strong, and are a great bike to ride!

    Hyosung are just utter shit, I've known three people who've owned them and two of them have had major issues. Also, they're huge, underpowered and from a brand name akin to "Palsonic" for TV's.. sure they look the part but if you buy one, make sure you keep the receipt.