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New Riders and bike maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Not interested

  2. Interested, but don't like time or location

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  3. I'm in

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  1. More and more people are turning to riding, which is great. Most are taking the time to learn the skills required to stay alive on the road which is also great.

    However a good few aren't really sure how to do basic maintenance on thier bikes, nor are they aware of what to check to ensure their bike is in good condition. For your own safety it's important to keep your bike in decent condition.

    Depending on the outcome of the poll I'm inclined to run a few spanner nights / days for newbies. We could cover topics like tyres (wear and pressure), chains (adjusting and knowing when to replace), brakes (pad and disk wear, hose deterioration, fluid level) and so on.

    We might even cover some roadcraft basics over tea.

    I'm interested in al feedback on the topic.
  2. I would love to learn some basic stuff around maintenance like oil changes and cleaning etc
    I suppose it would also be really helpful to learn early issue identification - like telltale signs of wear and tear
  3. Oil, no probs. Cleaning.. bah! :p

    If you're a frequent rider (i.e. commuter) it's good to be on top of your maintenance, so you can ensure parts are at hand when you need them.
  4. These nights are always good - the fewer newbies trusting their bike solely to a mechanic the better.
    Let us know if you need/want any experienced people to help out, Hoppers isn't that far down the road for me.
  5. For sure jd if you want to contribute it'd be great. After all it'd be good to have at least one person that knows what they're doing ;)
  6. For those voting not interested or bad time / location it'd be great to see you post up why. That will help me figure out how to run a better event.
  7. Definitely keen to come along to one of these nights Port80. I'm in Point Cook so the location suits me perfectly.

    I've been riding for a while but only done the 2 oil and filter changes on my bike and am keen to learn more, as that's about where my knowledge ends.
  8. Great idea, I would go if I wasn't so far away.
  9. Hoppers Crossing is a little over half an hour away for me
    I live in South Melbourne

    but then again, a nice highway ride isn't a bad thing :)
  10. Puff, great. I'll post up a date and time when I have 6 positive responces.

    geeth, weeeeeaaak ;)

    haksu, half an hour is pretty close. Should I count you in as an interested party?
  11. Hey haksu sweetie! Haha we could ride there together :)

    I do agree Hoppers Crossing is a bit far, but am definitely down for a night like this. I"m on my own when it comes to maintaining my bike!
  12. germy wermy!
    well if you get your want to cruise up there and my bike isnt delivered yet, i could drive up there and just watch and take some notes
  13. Ok ok I was never good with peer preasure, I'll just tell work I need a week off :p
  14. Port I'm considering doing the same thing out the East side here, and was looking for a Westy to compliment it. So nice work brother.

    After a lot of consideration my plan is to run the workshops on alternative Tuesday nights, but i need to make some phonecalls before I'm satisfied and lock it in. When you get a chance can shoot me your number again please bud?

    After having a quick discussion with a mate that's been around for 'awhile', he's drawn my attention to the fact that i could do better if i structured the spanner nights differently, so I'm in the process of considering how i can do that, and will put some thoughts on paper shortly. I'd like to share some of those ideas with you and see what you think.

    I'm getting frustrated with what I'm seeing out there, I'll give you a couple of examples.

    The first one is of a young bloke i bumped into in Healesville, I know he's not on here so i wont embarrass him. While cleaning my visor at the fuel pumps i glanced down at his pristine bike's rear tyre and saw it was coated with chain lube. Which then drew my attention to his chain which had more sag in it than a fat woman's bum.
    Looking at him and his bike you'd never guess his chain would be like that, because he obviously took a lot of pride in the fact he was a rider.
    I asked him the about the chain and where he was headed, and sure enough he was going to the Black Spur.
    After a quick chat about chain maintainence and greasy tyres in the Spur, i left him with paper towel trying to wipe as much of that stuff off as possible.

    The second story happened in the same week when i got my tyres replaced.
    Out front of the workshop where i go was another noob bike, although this one didn't have a plate on it. However the chain was in similar condition to the one above.

    I mentioned it to the mechanic as well as the others I've seen, and also mentioned i was part of a forum that has members trying to help out.
    Well he gave me his spiel about how forums are evil and give out misinformation which is worse than no information at all, and how he hates forums.

    So i asked him what the alternative was, to which he replied leave it to the mechanics. I may have become abrupt at this stage, and strongly suggested he gets the rider who owns the bike out the front, and pulls him aside and shows him how to look after his chain then.

    I know I'm not an expert, or have the same extensive knowledge as others who know their way around a bike, but i also know i can do better than nothing. This wasn't supposed to turn into a rant, but i feel better all ready. :grin:
  15. I voted interested, but not too happy about the location :LOL:
  16. Yeah, I'll admit that I know very little about maintaining my bike. Unfortunately with working night shift, I can't make it to most spanner nights. A weekend one would be better for me but I know that most people would prefer to be on their bikes - rather than under them - on the weekend.
  17. PM a contact to me TG
  18. Chef, you should have my number via PM now.

    I think it's a great idea to have one either side of the city, that should maximise the number of riders that we can cover. I was going to start a new thread and tap into the more experienced brains on NR as far as subject matter. I know what I check regularly and how I do it, but I could be missing something too (although I do follow the advice of Mr Hayes).

    The reasons for me wanting to hold these nights/days are two fold - firstly I want to help the riders that don't know that the condition of their bikes could be endangering their safety (not to mention slowing down their 'spur times). Secondly, I've had lots of great help from NR, so I figure it must be time for me to 'pay it back'. Not to mention that there's something special about getting dirty, fixing bikes and talking shit in good company.

    We should try catch up one night and plan the content. Then run one together and see how the template goes.
  19. sounds good port, i'll give you a call soon. And yeah, nothing better than shooting the shit in good company. Except maybe fixing a bike or two along the way.
  20. This is something I'd definitely be interested in. Happy to head out to Hoppers Crossing. Happier and more convenient for me if there's one in the East. Depending on my work roster.