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New Rider... :/

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Bosco, May 18, 2008.

  1. Hello!

    I'm currently in the process of getting my learners in the ACT, got my stay upright course in a weeks time...
    Never ridden a bike before so it should be interesting :)

    I would like to eventually buy a Honda RVF400. reason I chose this over the 250 was I wanted something that I could use for a while, not concerned about upgrading shortly to a 600 or 1000..... I guess everyone says that huh :)
    But seriously I would like to keep it for some time until I've felt i've really outgrown it and do need something bigger.

    What sorta prices am I looking at for a RVF400? I first saw em on Sumoto's website and liked em even more with the tyga kit they supply em with...
    but then I read the comments posted here about sumoto and their dealings and now Im a bit scared to go to them...

    Also not sure about buying private as some of the ones I've seen have clearly come from sumoto since it has the same paintjob/bodykit....

    I know they were all grey imports but what should a n00b like myself look out for with em?
    Also a bit hard it seems to find em here in the ACT, unless I go to a dealer?

    Thnxs in advance!
  2. I'll confine MY comments to a general 'Hi' and a welcome; it's been 20 years since I had anything to do with bikes in Canberra (Canberra Road-Racing Club Foundation Member) and I know 5/10s of nothing at all about that particular bike :).
  3. haha thx for the welcome in any case :)
  4. As a recent Stay Upright ACT participant, welcome to the seriously addictive activity of motorcycle riding. I don't know much about bikes, but keep an open mind.

    I was pretty much set on buying a faired sports bike before doing my course. After I'd finished the course, I started looking into dual purpose bikes, hence my KLE 500.

    You have a choice of types of bike to ride at the course, they had about 6 or so road bikes (naked), 2 dirt bikes and a few scooters and one cruiser.

    Have a good look through Bikepoint to get a feel for prices and availability.

    See you on the rodes!!!
  5. I have riden my RVF400 since I got my L's.

    Its a solid bike, each has its own issues.
    You should be looking at getting one for about 7-10k... Sumoto are overpriced by a lot, all they do is paint it and put the Tyga kit on it and they charge you 11-12k for that PLUS they will make you go on the waiting list for one ( AKA take your money... go to japan get your bike.. bring it back and sell it to you... will be a few months before you see the bike).

    I love my RVF400 ... But as soon as I am unrestricted its going to replaced with > 600.

    Its a personal thing ... if you have the cash to spend get the sumoto bike ... if you want to look around most likely you can pick one up somewhere else private or a dealer for less. Keep in mind if you get it private etc... I would sell you mine for 7k but I need it for another 6 months.
  6. Thanks for the heads up so far :)

    I'll probably end up having to go interstate for a bike.... but thats just life I guess.

    What was the stay upright course like, what can I expect?
    Had you ridden bikes before you went on the course?

    How many people do they have per class on the day? Do you get ample time on the bikes?

    Sorry for all the Q's :)
  7. Mate good luck with the bike hunt. From all reports the RVF's are great bikes. Only problems are sometimes finding parts. Since they're aren't that many floating around. Keep an eye on All Classifieds mostly Canberra stuff. Also the usuals like bikesales.

    The stay upright course in Canberra is great and the guys and gals there are really helpful. Shoot us a PM when you get a bike and we'll hit up some of the local twisties. :cool: