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New Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by shredflanders, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Hey, just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Rob and I've have had minimal experience on motorised 2 wheels, most of them bad (rode up a tree when I was 8, wrote off an XJR1300 when I was 17). Hoping to do better third time around. Other than that I've stuck to pedal powered bikes (own an S-Works Enduro) and 4 wheels.

    Currently on my L's and have a Yamaha(rley) XVS 650. Have only ridden it once so far but absolutely loved it, couldn't get me off the thing!

    Interested in modifying it to my liking (bobber kit - I know it's played out) and getting it sprayed. Any paint shop recommendations, and what is the going rate for a one colour paint job (Gloss or Flat Black)?

    Also wondering if there are any clubs or meets I can verse myself in? I live in the Sutherland area.

  2. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  3. shredflandersshredflanders welcome to NR
    Keep an eye out for group rides in the ride announcement forums.
    A few folk down your way and I am sure they will introduce themselves soon.
    Enjoy your ride.
  4. Welcome shredflandersshredflanders

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  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes!

    As for riding up a tree, it was one of my first times on a bike (Honda XR80) and I hit a tree at a very slow pace and decided to keep on the throttle which sent me half way up. Obviously I was destined to ride.
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  6. welcome aboard :) that's very nice popular choice of ride :) the bobber kits look great
  7. Thanks! I'm quite fond of the cruisers and bobbers personally. All of my friends are into sports bikes, but after my experiences, going fast is not high up on the list. This rides really well, quite comfortable, and has enough torque which makes it a breeze around the streets. Just need to customise it and make it my own :)
  8. Welcome to NR...

    My previous bike was a XVS as well and loved it to bits...
  9. Welcome :D

    I used to live in Sutherland, nice area and close to some good rides down to the National Park.
  10. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  11. Thanks for the welcomes all. I'm going to explore the sub forums and direct my questions there. Hope to see you guys on the road.
  12. Welcome to NR from Newcastle! Definitely some good rides down your way.