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New Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by No78ad, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm fairly new to riding... so new that I am just about to purchase my first bike. I'm looking at the newest Kawasaki Ninja 300ABS.

    Any tips on purchasing? I'm just on my Learners and im abit confused on whether or not i should buy second hand or brand new.

  2. Welcome to NR Chris,
    I'm also a new rider and bought first bike couple weeks ago.

    Obviously, second hand can find cheaper price (best to get bike checked by mechanic prior to buying if don't know what to look for), new should get warranty (maybe roadside assist). Bargaining always good idea. Check what dealer is giving you in ORC if buying new, I.e. delivery charges, 6 mth or 1 yr rego etc. can get bike registered as single seated to save some cost. Also dealer can often give good deal on safety gear when buying - good idea if have none. Can get them deliver your home also.

    Anyway, good luck with your purchase - is a fun time
  3. Hi Chris and welcome.

    The wee Kwaka Ninja 300 is a really nice bike.

    But, as a beginner, you have to consider at least the possibilities of you allowing it to lie down for a rest.

    This is fairly significant in terms of value of a brand new bike, especially one with so much in the way of fairing.

    BTW, the Ninja is one of the harder bikes for doing your MOST on.

    I guess a lot depends on your financial circumstances, but I'd honestly have to suggest you might look at a simpler, naked, and second hand LAMS bike.

    Have you done your pre-learners yet? If so, what were you put on for it?

    Hints as to your size/weight and your intended use could allow for more constructive comments.
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  4. You'll probably drop your bike. Your financials determine whether that matters to you.

    If you are a young guy on a budget, I suggest you get a cheap second hand bike from a dealer if you can (they will roadworthy it and have some accountability since they are an established business). Insure 3rd party and Theft and ride safe. There are many solid LAMS bikes of all styles. If you get something budget, you can swap to another LAMS bike in six months once you've got the dumb stuff out the way, and have a better idea what sort of bike you want to stick with.

    Though odds are real good you're going to get a brand new Ninja 300ABS, enjoy.

    Stay upright.
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  5. The above are correct as to dropping the bike. I dropped my brand new monster on the first day - seeing as she was naked though, no expensive faring to break and replace, the only damage was small scratch on back of mirror - and my pride.

    Brother in-law dropped his first bike CBR300 I think and cost to replace damaged fairing was significant.

    Best advice from my experience is get used to and ready for the weight increase over q-ride/MOST bikes and be really smooth when stopping, performing slow maneuvers.
  6. G'day and welcome, ChrisChris.

    When I bought my motorcycle I hedged bets and bought low-kilometre, second-hand previous year model. This saved about $2,000. I also immediately fitted Oggy Knobs frame-sliders fitted to it with the almost inevitable 'You're gonna drop your bike at some point' in mind.
  7. Welcome mate, Ninj 300 is a really nice and easy to ride bike, but my suggestion is to go and try a few different bikes to see what you like. Then look at budget.

  8. Thanks guys. I'm 30 yo and financial circumstances is pretty good so that's not too much of an issue.

    Reason I'm looking at the kawa 300 is purely for looks... always been a big fan of good looking cars so i figured copy the same trend as for the bike.

    I've done the pre-learners and they put me on the cbr125.. fairly easy to ride tbh. I've had small experience in riding in the past so the pre-learners was pretty easy.

    My trouble is i don't know much about motorbikes in general hence why I'm thinking brand new. Don't know if its gonna be a dodgy sell (in terms of condition). With a car, I'm fairly switched on with inspecting it to see if its gonna coz me trouble going forward.

    Thanks for your welcoming support guys.
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  9. I bought my monster new because like you it was about the looks (and the sound) which appealed to me. Finances weren't restrictive factor, so told the brain to fall into line and follow the heart
  10. Howdy & welcome to NR!
  11. Welcome to the addictive world of bikes!
    I have/had a 2014 MY Ninja 300, absolute ripper of a learner bike but I didn't use for my MOST as the u turn had me spooked. Did the test on those pissweak cb 125 was a close call on that horror.
    Okay bought her new had her significantly lowered, chucked a yoshii on her and shorty levers.
    I shat everyone on NR to tears with my constant bleating about the yoshii, but I honestly couldn't hear the engine with the stock pipe.
    I have been offered $4-$4.5K trade for her depending on final inspection and she has about 16000km on the clock as well. Which they know, plus 8 months rego.
    They know she has had a couple of little lay downs but those were all stationary.
    Three were my fault, including an attractive snooze on the bitumen together at Bald Hill, a lovely graceful pirouette in front of CrazyCam whilst doing those bastid u turns, but only cosmetic damage -are marks on the fairing that could just as easily be a small stone chip. The last time was a little snooze she had whilst I walked off. No damage done.
    She was easy to pick up :)

    Great bike -we have had some truly epic epic journeys together. I am a sad to part with her but likely will in 2 weeks. :(
    I am so indebted to that little bike for bringing me so much joy and going on adventures together that will keep my memories glowing in my twilight years. She isn't bad on dirt either or riding through a foot of cowshit!

    Cornering on her she ain't too tardy but on the slab at 110+ clicks and needing to overtake, not enough torque for me and I have felt that for a real long time now.
    Your call. If I hadn't gone the Ninj I probably would have gone a CBR400.


    Oh and I know SFA about bikes but it was a great choice as is my next bike :D
    No regrets.
  12. Hey Oldmaid,
    What are the benefits of shorty levers? Do they bring the friction point closer to the bar as well?
  13. Aye, I remember the time at my place..... not only did you pick the beastie up, but you also more or less bit my head off for trying to help you.

  14. Man I think you've just convinced me even more... your bike looks like my first date coming out of high school.

    Definitely going to put an exhaust on it.. be heard to be seen. With the MOST, did you hire their bike from the training centre? What does that cost to hire?
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  15. They are great little bikes, loved the look of my wife's old one....

    image. image.
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  16. I have small hands and the original clutch was killing me in the early days- seriously. so comfort was a factor.
    Also harder to snap the ends off them which I did having a little sleep with the bike in the driveaway about four days after getting her.
    Also the adjuster gives you something to play with at the lights ;) That said I do adjust the brake depending on the riding I am doing
    Oh and they look the ant's pants! Oh and I put em on myslef wooohoo!

    You were a gentleman Cam and you did come to help but I was way too pissed off with myself for stalling and dropping the bike mid turn, sorry :(

    I went through the Clyde Stay Upright. The bike hire was $120 ish if I remember but you have to indicate that you want to hire a bike when you book your MOST online through the RMS and pay the fee then.
    You get what you get on the day- could be a cb125 or 250 pr god forbid a kymco :woot: My nephew in law reckons he got given a postie at Gosford...I cry BS and he actually failed on a cb myself.
    Make sure you go do the Homebush Saturday MOST training - free and run by great volunteers.
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  17. Ninja 300 wins its class against Yamaha R3 and Honda CBR300R so you cant go wrong,
    and definitely ABS if you can afford it, no more worrying about unexpected skids or hard braking.
    I would take the R3 for a test ride to see if it changes your mind towards the Ninja.
  18. Definitely take R3 for a test ride - its a game changer and in my opinion best choice of the 3 but, don't just take my word for it - have a look at the specs and you'll see R3 ahead of the 2 + it comes with ABS as standard. Still the Ninja 300 comes just a little under R3 in specs but has slipper clutch although you'll have to pay extra $$ for ABS. CBR300R handles beautifully and its a nice commuter bike but seriously underpowered.
    This is a good review and comparison although from US - ABS is not even available as an option for R3 over there and it still came out as a winner...
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  19. Hey Chris, congrats on the Ls. Mate go around and try them all in the bracket your looking at.

    As the others have said try the Honda CBR300R, KTM RC390, and the Yamaha YZF-R3.

    Look at the features you want, and more importantly how you feel on them. Sometimes the slightest difference in the ergonomics makes quite a difference to the feel and comfort. At the end of the day everyone prefers a different brand.

    As for the age old question, new or old........in reality, and taking away emotion, its probably best to get second hand (there are usualy heaps of quite low klm LAMs bikes out there). You will drop it at some point, so really have a think about whether you want a 'sport' bike or a 'naked'. It can be expensive to replace/repair fairings so if you go that way investigate if you can fit some sort of sliders, as your first drop will probably be at low speed and probaly in your driveway ...................
  20. Hi fellas,

    I just thought I'd send a quick update of my riding status. I ended up getting the new ninja 300 special edition with ABS. Fitted the oggy knobs and Mussari exhaust. Looks and sounds pretty good.

    If anyone is keen for a ride near Parramatta, hit me up.


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