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New rider ...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gsexv250, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Hi all :)

    For some reason that I can't really explain, I decided to get my bike license about 3 months ago (early Jan) followed by the purchase of a Virago 250 2006 model. I actually bought the bike off someone who rode it for 50km, fell over (stationary so no damage) and she decided to not ride again. It's never good to hear of people leaving the scene but on the flipside I bought the bike off her just recently after the bike collected dust for about 8 years. I took it to a mechanic and they fixed it all up for me, I got the bike rego'ed and have been slowly building up my confidence since. The bike looks brand new and sounds awesome so I'm really enjoying it.

    I plan on going out to Homebush one of these Saturdays to join the learners in some practice.

    I wasn't sure about keeping the bike due to the horror stories you hear from everyone, but I try and not think about it and just enjoy the ride but also play it safe (always scanning, not speeding, riding to my abilities, etc). I just wish it was legal to filter a little to make it a tad safer :-(

    Here's a photo of the bike:


    Hopefully see you guys on a ride soon!
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  2. Welcome, as a Sydney based rider you'll have plenty of opportunities to join a group ride.
    Hope you got a bargain price on the bike. It certainly looks clean.

    It's not rare for new riders to walk away after a drop - my wife did the same thing and has never returned. But she does allow me to feed the habit though.
  3. Welcome to NR Gonz. Bike looks nice & deserving of someone who will ride it and enjoy it.. This is you! :)
  4. Welcome - used to have a vstar250 - enjoy the riding
  5. Thanks guys. I've got a wife who is not crazy about my habit but has learned to accept it... :]

    Jaytee: I got a good price for it actually.. after adding mechanical repairs and rego costs, it is still below market going rate and I've only got 700kms on it.

    Also, I'm up in Sydney's North if anyone is up this way and is keen for early morning weekend rides or weekday night rides.
  6. welcome aboard:]
  7. Welcome to NR. The bike is gorgeous.
  8. Many thanks =D Only things I can say negatively about the bike is that the turning circle isn't great which is why I think I will do the MOST test on one of their bikes, and also not a very powerful bike but that's to be expected. Apart from that, its a lot of fun and a great looking bike :)
  9. Welcome to two wheels, and to Netrider
  10. Welcome to NR..