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New rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bagz, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Hey guys just posting to say i got my learners today, very excited.

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  2. Well done! Congratulations!! Welcome to NR :)
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  3. Welcome to NR and to motorcycling in general, bagzbagz
  4. Welcome, now go get yourself some wheels!
  5. Hello and welcome :) and it is very exciting!!!!
  6. Welcome Bagz, congrats.
    Where are you based, and where did you do your course ?
  7. Congrats, have you got wheels yet? Plenty info here if you're still choosing, and plenty of newbie ride sessions etc. enjoy.
  8. I am based in spotswood victoria and did my training at DECA in Altona. Havent got my bike yet but am going to go into the city tomorrow and take a look at some of the learner bikes they have. Still deciding on new or used since i have to have a lams approved bike for 3 years :)
  9. Enjoy the process, sit and and ride as many as you can before making a decision. As mentioned, you can find plenty of info here on most bikes, so if one takes your fancy and you want some feedback have s search here or ask for member comments...
  10. Not a problem, thanks for the warm welcomr and all the help guys :) time to get my read on.
  11. welcome aboard :] congrats on getting your L's, do you have a bike in mind
  12. Well just went into peter stevens in Melbourne and am liking the CB500F a lot. Had a sit on the KTM 390 duke but it just didn't feel right for me.
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  13. Welcome to NR..
  14. welcome to the forum!
  15. They are a popular machine, balanced and well behaved with enough power to make them a responsive road bike. A winner from Honda in the LAMS class I think. But as others have said don't fall in love with the first bike try a few and if your heart comes back to the Honda then go for it. On the new vs second hand thing.

    New bikes everything works and is tight, you don't have to ride around problems of wear.
    With modern LAMS you need to keep a LAMS bike for at least 3 years so if you are happy with it then keep it for that time.
    Good warranty
    No hidden surprises in terms of maintenance.

    Big depreciation on its value in the first 2 years.
    If you drop it then maybe an expensive repair.
    More expensive to insure. (Make sure you get insurance)
  16. Thanks for the info cjvfr. I took a look at a few bikes and ended up deciding on the cb500f in sexy red After i took it for a test ride. Will be picking up at the start of march :) very excited.
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  17. Congrats on the bike purchase & welcome to NR!
  18. well, I'll say this for ya. choosing the bike that has a 3+ week wait list obviously means that it's the bike that you really, REALLY want. I'm not sure I could have waited that long when I got my first bike. would have been hopping from one foot to the other screaming "But I want it NOOOOOW!"

    congratz... and head down to the Elwood Saturday practice sessions when you get a chance. Very worthwhile.
  19. Welcome and congratulations fellow beer lover :woot:
  20. Welcome to NR, congrats on the Ls and I like your choice of bike...