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New rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Daniel 90, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Stumbled upon this forum recently and thought I'd join up and start soaking it all in!

    Recently got my bike license a few weeks ago, and been a bit of a steep learning curve ever since then - bought an 07' Honda VTR250 to learn on - I love her to bits!

    I guess, firstly, hello to everyone!

    Secondly, any beginners tips? I'm from Sydney, NSW - would be great to see what is around for social/learning rides etc.

    Thirdly, I have a feeling I broke my clutch doing hill starts on a really steep hill last weekend. Any tips on best technique etc? I think I probably broke off more than I could chew, or I guess it is possible that the clutch was already on its way out...

    Anyway, look forward to many discussions in future and meeting more of you each day!


  2. Hi Dan, and welcome to Netrider

    I'm not sure what you mean by "broke" your clutch; can you still ride the bike or can you no longer change gear? If you can still change gear, then I suggest what you did was to overstress the clutch so it started slipping and once the 'stress' was over, it returned to normal. Either way, I suggest you find your way to the Sydney Learner's Sessions at Homebush (see thread) and let OzYoda and his merry band of teachers initiate you into the darker but very necessary motorcycling arts.....

  3. Hi hornet!

    Thanks for the welcome and yes, it seems like a good idea to get to some of these learner sessions.

    When I say broke, I should have been more specific. I was practicing hill starts near my place and after a while I realised I couldn't shift into First from Neutral. Tried turning bike on and off, rolling it back and forth, but nothing... It clicks down a little and the Neutral light turns off but it is not in First...

    I click it up into second (Neutral light turns off), but the bike goes absolutely nowhere, though throttle works, I can pull the clutch in and out and nothing happens.. there seems to be no drive to the back wheel...

    Checked clutch cable - well lubed and looks to be working fine / Oil levels look good / Took off part of the housing and there are really small black fragments etc - since I'm new to this I'm a bit concerned about digging any further into the issue without some proper mechanic/professional assistance..


  4. Ouch, I'd be getting it to a mechanic, it sounds like you may have damaged one or more of the gear selectors. If you have a good dealer/mechanic he may be able to pick it up for you, otherwise you might have to borrow a trailer and some tie-downs....
  5. Hi Dan,

    It sound like you have burned the clutch and this will prevent you from selecting any gears. My dad is a car mechanic and just like a car when you do so many hill start and rev out the engine this will occur.

    Also it could be that your clutch was already worn out or close to so this made it to finally fail on you.

    Take it to a bike mechanic in Sydney such as sydney city motorcycles at lane Cove.

    What suburb do you live in? There are few group rides that you can join for free and learn much more from experienced riders.

    All the best and let us know ow how you go
  6. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the advice and input.

    It does seem to be a clutch issue now after seeing some of your comments and doing a bit of reading around etc.

    I live in Duffys Forest mate, which is kind of in between Northern Beaches and North Shore - nice area.

    I've got a friend of a friend who has offered to come to my place, order parts, and do it all for around 300 so I think that seems reasonable!

    Do you go to Sydney City Motorcycles much? I got some gear from there- they seem pretty good


  7. Hi Dan and welcome to NR. I hope your bike will get well soon!
  8. welcome to another dan guess that means you're a second Dan:wacky:
  9. Welcome to the forum. Hope your bike gets sorted soon mate.
  10. Welcome to NR...
  11. Thanks everyone! The bike is getting tended to on Monday so hopefully all is good then - would love to catchup for a ride over the break if suits :)..

  12. Hi Daniel,

    I do some shopping and Sydney City Motorcycles and Lane Cove and City. Last time I went there I had my bike serviced and in the city store I pruchased the Shoei 1100 helmet =D

    $300 sound reasonable to fix/replace your clutch.