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New rider.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ttrfrank, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Hi guys just introducing myself too the forums my name is frankie. not sure what too put. ill take it as it comes. blessing too all.

  2. Tooooo many o's there Frankie, but welcome anyway.
  3. haha sorry mate on the laptop i tryed to correct it but dam :( an thanks
  4. Welcome Frank. Where do you ride and what do you ride?
  5. ty kit. A honda cb125e on road an tt600r off. in the progress of converting it too motard at this moment.

    Oh & South Australia. Mostly north suburbs.
  6. I hear there some nice roads to play on out that way. Good to meet you (virtually)
  7. They're are plenty. *shakes hand*
  8. Welcome to NR!
  9. thanks m8. im enjoying it.
  10. Welcome to NR(y)
  11. Tried damn I and
    happy to help :D
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  12. Sorry smee I'm gen y. Bahd habits :)
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  13. Hello and welcome, you spelt bad badly ;-)
  14. Welcome!

    I hope you know there, their and they're, and never break your brakes! :p
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  15. lol pw :p an thanks jeffco. aww danny mate that mind tossed me but thanks anyway!
    Got a kawasaki zzr 250 on the 11th. To get use to like the sport style like handlebars etc. its a hole or whole new game.
    sorry im illiterate i know the word but sometimes cant spell it. :/

    not full blown dumb illiterate but if it comes to like a keypad an the word or pen an paper it takes me a bit :)
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