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New Rider

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Doubled, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys and Gals,

    I figured since I am new to the forums and infact bike riding itself I would introduce myself and my bike.

    Name: Joey, 22
    Bike: 1990 Honda CBR 250 RR
    Colour: Custom Candy Red / White / Silver
    Location: Castle Hill, NSW
    Bike Experience: None, zip, nothing.
    Bike Plans/Mods: LED Indicators, coloured clutch/brake levers, new handle grips in red/white, Clear or Tinted LED tail lights, HID Headlights, turn the exhaust around as for some reason the previous owner has put it on the wrong way :/ .....
    Photo attached: not the best photo on a nice background..but its all i have at the moment.

    A little about myself. I am from the custom car world. I had owned my '96 toyota supra sz-r series II for a few years and before that a VN commodore with a little bit or work done to it. My Supra was my pride and joy. It was my first proper 'project' car so to speak and i put alot of money, heart and sole into it. Having fixed it up looks wise, engine wise i had lost my enjoyment in it having completed everything i had wanted to do with it. Now having started my apprenticeship as a 1st year systems engineer my earnings had dropped considerably and it wasnt practical to keep it. So it came time to sell it. It was time to fill a void in my life. Something i could fix up a little bit, enjoy driving and going on cruises with and a bit of grunt. My close mates all having bikes gave me a little teaser into the bike world. I enjoyed it. It got my heart going and the adrenaline pumping...Maybe its time for me to go two wheels and experience life a little more dangerously by having my legs as the crumble zones when a car murges on you (already had this happen when riding pillion on a mates bike -_- . So anyway i started to investigate a little into bikes. Being a taller, athletic (or skinny ;)) guy i had to find the right bike for me size wise and power wise. I had a look around, test rode a few, sat on a few and look over a couple of weekends at bikes.

    Eventually i narrowed it down to the Honda CBR that i like. To me personally a great looking bike. My reasonings for purchasing this bike included me being comfortable on it when riding, whilst im learning to ride i can put my feet down on the floor when stopped and it has a little bit of grunt, i can play with it a little bit and modify it and mold it a little to how i want it to look.

    Now i know it may not be the most powerful bike on the road...but i think its a great bike to ride while im on restricted licenses until i can purchase a nice clean and quicker bike when im on my full license.

    Anyways i figure this is long enough for now ;). Looking forward to meeting you all / some of you on future cruises (once ive signed up and payed) and i appologise for wasting a couple of minutes of you lives reading my life stoy above.



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  2. Nothing wrong with a stoy mate! ;) Welcome aboard.
  3. Nothing indeed, look forward to seeing you out there, make sure you check out the Saturday morning learner sessions Doug runs (if your in melbourne), great free skills training.
  4. Welcome along mate, nice to have you here.

    Baby-blades are nice little things. Good solid chassis, a proper sports bike with a small engine, not a cheap imitation. Nice buy.

    Yeah, that exhaust looks a bit odd. I reckon there's a scratch or a dent on it and he's turned it around to hide it. That or he just a klutz. Should be a 30 sec fix for a bloke with your experience.

    Kick back and read some of the threads on here, esp the 'cornering 101' and similar. Lots of helpful information and tips there. And some self important verbal diarrhoea from me.
  5. Welcome to NR. Great to have you with us.
  6. Welcome to NR, Joey. Nice bike there.
  7. welcome and nice bike mate... very capable little machine... much more capable than any current 250 on the market.

    just keep the servicing up and make sure you look after it.

    Also, consider changing the sprockets around to favour acceleration. Doing more than 160 isn't really needed, but being able to accelerate fast at any speed is a very useful and fun thing :D
  8. Welcome to Netrider.

    I've often wondered that guys spend thousands building up a special car and then when it's finished, they sell it, I guess the enjoyment is in the project, not the result??
  9. She looks clean and straight from the pic.......nice buy mate - I'm not usually a fully-faired sport bike guy - but I do like that =D
  10. Welcome from another new member :)