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New Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mrs mav, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Hey all; :dance:

    Learners, Check,
    P-Plater, Check,
    Fully Licenced before actually riding: Nearly;

    By the time mine & mav's bubs arrives (any day now), this will be the case. Lol. Thanks Goz for feeding our family today at the Homebush learners BBQ.

    Looking forward to projectile delivery after the chilly sauce. Also looking forward to getting to know the netrider community more. Not to mention organising girlie rides to celebrate getting back on the bike before summer hits. :dance:
  2. I'm confused about your check-list. How are you getting your license without riding a bike?

    Welcome anyway!
  3. Time line: Got my L's, Fell preggas, Got my P's, Handed over the keys, Now waiting till bubs pops out (due this week) haven't ridden in that half a year so by the time my P-licence lapses into a full licence, I will only have 'just' gotten back on my wheels. Hmph.
  4. oh no its the missus!

    hi gorgeous, and welcome to the forums
  5. Good luck with it. And welcome.

    ... Let me see...

    "Hey Mav! This one's full and I need a new pack of nappies. Hold it for a minute while I run down the shop? That's a dear." ... "No, it's ok, I can get it. Really, stay there."
  6. Oh, I see, you didn't ride between your Ps and full license, not the whole time.

    You will have forgotten how to ride by the time you get back on ;)
  7. Thanks sweet-cheeks, but I've been here for a while now.
    Lucky your missus hasn't found out about that time...
    Ohhh shit.

    Erm, welcome Mrs Mav 8-[
  8. Aw Kreeper! We weren't going to say anything about that.

    And the donkey still folds its ears down and looks nervous every time it sees a crash helmet, and I can still see the stains on the walls...
  9. welcome mrs mav! :D
  10. Hi to Mrs Mav :D
  11. first Mrs Finn, now Mrs Mav, we're up to our earlobes in wives!!

    welcome :)
  12. Gday Luv, good to see you guys today, been a while :)
  13. Welcome aboard Mrs Mav.
    Good luck with bubs. (Get as much sleep as you can, while you can. Both of you :grin:)
  14. Welcome Mrs. Mav, your Mr. Mav already has motorcycle plans for bubs.
  15. Hiya
    Nice to catch up with you at the BBQ, good luck with the baby and hope all goes well and easy for you :)

    Once you are ready to ride, would love to go out, and hopefully by then I will be a little better and not so wobbly hehehehe
  16. I didnt figure ur name would be that obvious lol..............................

    Thanks for feeding my dog BTW :), put a harness on Barney and your bub can ride him around the back yard lol.
  17. any baby news yet??