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new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Clag, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Hello, My manes Mike, I'm from Colorado Springs, and about to become a new rider after waiting way too long to start. I should be getting my bike in April ('08 Yamaha 650 Vstar classic) for now, just getting my gear ready.

  2. Welcome Mike enjoy your stay , how much snow is in colorado springs currently?
  3. Welcome Mike :D

    Where will you be located ??

    If in Vic ... make sure you get down to the Learners sat morning practice ..
  4. currently in Colorado Springs, we have 0 snow, unlike New York, lol. was 62 here today.
  5. Hi Mike and welcome to Netrider.
    I am all too fond of New York's snow ! I'd rather be in Colorado (y)
    Happy Bike/Gear Hunting mate.
  6. Thanks. Im originally from Chicago, so used to alot of lake effect snow and the humidity making it colder. Nice change to have it 40 here and have it feel like 50-55 from Chicago. Light powdery snow instead of the heavy wet stuff.
  7. Welcome Clag - I have fond memories of the downtown area of Denver because it's where I saw my first ever crack-whore, and Cherry Creek for the most awesome bookstore in the world!
  8. I have only been here for just under 2 years, and still havent been anywhere or done anything except go to Cave of the Winds. One of the many reasons for me to finally get my bike. need to get off the computer and get outside. Getting really impatient to have to bike paid off so I can start riding it, after I take the classes that is and get my license. Heres a pic of the bike.
  9. Welcome Mike,

  10. Great choice on bikes, i have a white custom Vstar 650.