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New Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tess, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey NetRiders

    Im relatively new to riding, just got my P's :bannanabutt::bannanabutt: But I really need to ride every weekend to improve, especially need to get confidence cornering. Enjoy riding with another/others and stopping for coffee/chat. Anyone else out there new to riding who needs a buddy. Im in Drummoyne.

  2. Welcome, Tess! Congrats on the P's. :D
    Don't forget to check out any group rides/morning sessions in the events thread and the coffee meets.

  3. Yeah a local! My advice though is instead of getting someone who is new to riding, get someone more experienced so you get their knowledge.
  4. Hi Tess, welcome to NR. Hope you get some good riding buddys happening.
  5. Howdy and welcome Tess.
    What kind of bike are you riding?
  6. Hi Tess and welcome to Netrider !
    You couldn't have timed your entry into Netrider any better - there are currently some very impressive threads available regarding cornering.
    Congrats on your P's and safe riding :)
  7. Hey Nickers

    I ride a Honda CB400
  8. From all reviews, a great bike, the CB400 ! I am sure you're having lots of fun riding your trusty Honda :)
    I'd be happy to come riding wth you and grab a coffee but if I can recall, Drummoyne is in Sydney...hmm.. maybe another time ;)
    Enjoy !
  9. Welcome Tess :). Enjoy the Honda; by some reports from an old racer mate, it is really pushing the LAMS envelope :LOL:.
  10. welcome Tess, i know you are on your P's, but you could join us at Learner sessions Saturdays at Homebush for a bit of practice and meet and greet, drummoyne to homebush not to far also :)
  11. Welcome fellow Netrider.:biker:

    Have fun, you'll meet some..ahem..interesting folk here!

  12. Welcome to NR Tess. +1 to Goz comment .. you're always welcome to come down to Homebush .. we often have rides after the session and even end up chatting at a maccas or whatever. If you dont wanna revisit the test (which you can do if you want) you can just chat to those like yourself that've already done it. Cheers