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new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mox, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Hey all, I'm a new road rider - have ridden dirt/trail bikes since I was a pup!

    Finally got the guts and approval from other half to get my L's!!

    Got my L's about a month ago - and bout 3 weeks ago took delivery of a 2008 Honda CB400!! So far am riding to work - 15kms away - straight stretch of road out the back of Londonderry... Am absolutely loving it!


    it came with a Yoshi pipe, oggy knobs and a ventura rack... I maybe be hoping to find the previous owner - in order to find the original pipe... just for when i finally do sell it...

  2. welcome mate :)
  3. Welcome. I've always liked the look of the 400; takes me back to the old CB-400F "Cafe-Racer" of the 70s....
  4. welcome to NR mate, hope to see you on the road sometime !
  5. Did they even have cafes in the 70s?! If so, what did they serve? International roast?
  6. don't knock the international roast!!! I'm pretty sure that shit got a lot of povo uni students through uni! :)
  7. Welcome mate and great looking bike you have there. Safe riding dude.
  8. Welcome dude to NR.
    I go past your bike every arvo and "Go i wonder who owns that nice shinny bike" and now i know.

    Cheers Paul.
  9. Welcome to the forums! Good luck finding the original owner though...:-s

    What a small world!
  10. Welcome to the mad house mate - nice ride :)
  11. Hey Paul!

    Are you serious? So you live out near the Riff?

    I probably watch you ride past and go - "that bike looks like it goes real fast"


  12. Mox,

    yeah i certainly do i literally live around the corner from you :)

    Because you are Looney like myself you should come down one day to the learner session's at Homebush we could ride down together if you like.
    Here are the details- https://netrider.net.au/forums/showpost.php?p=1938389&postcount=2041

    You learn heaps from experienced riders plus you get to meet some good blokes and occasionally chicks turn up :) lol

    Cheers Paul.
  13. Hey thanks for the heads up Paul - Have you seen our nice shiny yammie vstar too? Will come to a Homebush session soon - I've been working with a mate of ours thats been riding for years and is also going for his instructors course...

    If you see me out the front one day with the bike - stop in and say g'day.
  14. Gday Paul and welcome to the forum.
  15. Mox,

    Is that the Vstar across the road from you with the white tank?

    Cheers Paul.
  16. yeah i see that Vstar too - ours is a 250... white and a dark burgundy type colour.
  17. Mox,

    Yeah I havent seen that one yet but i will keep an eye out for it tho.
    But i thought i did see a nice big bike next to yours the other day on the weekend.....Hayabusa was it?

    Cheers Paul.