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New Rider (ZZR)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by lani_b2, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    Lani here, I just joined a few days ago. Wanted to say hi and tell everyone about the bike I just brought. Even though I dont get my licence until next week I found the bike I wanted last weekend.

    Its a sexy silver and blue ZZR250. 2000 model and I love it!

    I took some pictures this morning to show off, but I have not got them on the net yet. I should get them up by the weekend.
  2. Welcome

    Good to hear from a darwinian, hope the crocodiles can't ride :wink:

  3. Welcome to the site Lani. Love the bunny rabbit in the comic. Kinda a cutesy Frank the bunny :D

    Excellent choice on the bike by the way.

  4. Welcom to the madness, chaos and frivolity. Enjoy, there's some good information to be gleaned from some very experienced riders. Mind you there's also a lot of dubious characters out there. Not to besmirch anyone's reputation though.
  5. Bugger, I've been discoverred!!
  6. lol, I have never run into a croc on the roads here :p :wink: but they are letting me on the road so anything is possible!
  7. Welcome to the forums lani :)
  8. Yea good for you lani :). You'd be surprised how few people here ride ZZR250. Psssh across and gpxes :p You made the right choice.
  9. :D zzr250's rock!!! 8) 8) :D 8)
  10. Welcome, we have the same bike, same colours even, I love mine too, enjoy.
  11. Welcome aboard mate,
  12. Welcome, happy trails
  13. Went shopping and got my gear on the weekend. Helmet, Jacket and gloves. I am so excited about finally learing how to ride this weekend!

    Look forward to being a part of the community.
  14. There are some essential skills you will need then:
    Bad Speeling
    Misinformed Opinion Generation
    Pachyderm exterior
    Automatic Off-topic Text Initiation
    Across Slanging
    Smouldering Hatred of Admins

    Enjoy! :D
  15. Hello and welcome aboard :D

    ZZR's are a great first bike

    Have fun and stay safe

    Lisa :twisted:
  16. Hi there and welcome.

    :D :D
  17. Welcome to the site Lani.

    There is a lot of great info here and heaps of people to talk to about riding.

    Safe riding.

    - Jase
  18. Welcome Lani, nice choice of bike ;)
  19. g'day and welcome
    another Kwika rider....


  20. Awww come on guys..... :cry:
    Ahh bugger it, yer all just jealous...

    Across's will take over the world... bwu ha ha ha ha :twisted:
    Except those teal ones... they're just a kwakasucky on a rare good day :-&