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Featured New rider with bike problems

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WackoZacko15, May 23, 2015.

  1. I have a 2011 Yamaha R15 and I'm having a problem where when I'm coming to a stop I'm down shifting quickly thru the gears and come to a stop. And some how it get's into neutral when I didn't mean to put it there then it won't allow me to shift into first. Is is another problem of an oil change same as my false neutrals when going up from 1st to 2nd?
    NEED HELP as I'm now to scared to put my bike into neural when at a stop light and rest my hand.

    But have found that when releasing the clutch and doing normal engine breaking like in a manual car the problem doesn't happen much anymore. But still have some false neutrals as I move from a stop.

  2. Maybe try rocking the bike back and forward while your trying to get it into first
  3. Apart from changing down properly one gear at a time, try letting the clutch out a little. My street triple does it sometimes and that's what I do. Bike gear boxes are different to car ones. Maybe google it and see how they work.
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  4. Most bike transmissions are synchroless or 'Crash box's' which require movement for the gears to select correctly.
    Selecting down through the gears one by one is good practice and ensures your in the correct gear should you need to make a mad dash to safety.
    Also, if you incorrectly release the clutch in the wrong gear (ie in 1st at 80km/h) you may cause the rear wheel to lock on some bikes.

    As to finding N on your upshift to 2nd, change gears at a slightly faster speed and flick the gear selector harder...happens on virtually every bike from time to time. Changing oil shouldn't change this situation given it was originally the correct viscosity
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  5. Oh okay thanks, I'll have to try harder to make sure I'm giving it a good kick when up shifting. And I think now that I know what I'm doing wrong I can fix it. Just annoying that I have no one to teach me as I went from my L's to me P's from a Q-ride in 2 days due to this problem of no one to teach me.
  6. Just a thought... Try lower the position of your gear lever if it's setting is making your up change difficult
  7. Also, when stuck in neutral. Try shift to second then back to first. Find a quiet street, maybe industrial area on Sunday arvo and just have a play around. You'll work out your bikes quirks and feel better in traffic when you need to be concentrating on others instead of your bike.
  8. All bikes have quirks such as this. Today found a false neutral between 3rd and 4th some how (on the up change though), clutch out, high revs, weird noise, WTF? Give it another kick, all good!
    But try changing down in a controlled way and a blip between changes? Sounds good with a twin!
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  9. I used to have trouble finding neutral in my hyosung and changing the oil fixed the problem
  10. If it was to thick to start with this can be a problem until the oil has warmed up.
    For example my GSX will almost refuse to go into neutral while stationary until the oil is hot.
  11. A good way to see how gears work is too change gears without the clutch with the bike turned off. Simply sit on it and roll forward and back changing gears up and down. You will find you don't need to stomp on them, just a light pressure will do. But you will see that 1st to second has a longer throw as neutral is half a click. So when changing from 1st to second, you need to push further (hence why people say harder, but harder is not advised as it bends the selector).
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  12. Sounds like you're not giving yourself enough time to get the gear changes done and maybe you are riding in too high a gear. If you follow an experienced rider you'll see they set up to stop a lot earlier than you do. Some of us try to get around without having to put a foot down (except at stop signs).
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  13. You should have been taught how to change gear properly.
    Whether going up or down gears
    Clutch in
    HOLD gear lever in position - release clutch
    Release pressure on gear lever

    Do this and you'll NEVER get a "false neutral" or "accidentally" get neutral on the way from 1st to second again ;-)
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  14. The blip is kinda hard to do right now trying to do it a little bit more. But the blip sounds kinda crap on a 150cc bike with stock exhaust. And can't find a new pipe(slip on) anywhere on the web. That will fit my bike will need some help to find one as I seem to have more luck finding and R6 exhaust not a R15.
  15. I had the same issue when I started riding. thought it was an issue with the bike and mentioned it on the first service. The mechanic listed RUR on the service sheet and told me it meant 'Rider Upgrade Required'.

    Had a chat to him and since then I let the clutch out a bit as im going down through the gears. This lets the gearbox spin up to speed and keep moving so it can engage with 1st when you get there. I also hold the gear lever up until the clutch is out when shifting up from 1st to 2nd.

    Between those instructions I have never had the issue since.

    Cheers. H
  16. Instead of doing a tap-dance and trying to shift down several gears all at once, move between them one at a time. Clutch in, down one gear, clutch out. Not clutch in, tap-dance-down-five-gears, clutch out. While you're dancing on the gear lever there's no drive to the rear wheel which also means there's no engine braking and you have less control of the bike and no ability to open it up and move out of the way of a car coming up behind/beside you. If you watch on-bike footage from races you'll consistently see them going up one at a time and down one at a time. Even under hard braking it's still down one at a time, not grab the clutch and go down four before letting it out again. Don't do that.
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  17. ^^^^ What he said. If you need to power on for any reason and you've slowed but are in a high gear you'll be chugging or farting around trying to find the right gear and then the truck runs you over.
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  18. Don't have to be such a big smart arse dick about how you say that, If you have read any of the previous comment's I have already been told that and have started to ride like that. I don't know how you started riding or if you had anyone to teach you from the get go, but I don't and I had a serious problem that I have reached out to get help from and have gotten good help from stranger's that have helped me to improve my riding.
  19. I had the 2014 R15 , noticed that it does the same thing as yours sometimes . For me ,solution to it was to change through each gear one by one until you cant go any further down. good luck!
  20. Had the same problem with the ninja 300 and Me.I found when getting close to minor or major service this would happen.Also for me ,always knowing what gear i was in helped(y).