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New rider, which of these bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Leakey, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    great forum - a lot of really helpful info.

    I'm booked in to do my L's riding test, and I'm trying to decide what bike to get as my first bike. How the bike feels is obviously a big factor, but do you guys and gals have any suggestions? I've been looking at these (based on suggestions from a couple of mates who are seasoned riders):

    Honda CBR125
    Suzuki GS500F
    Kawa GPX250R

    Or possibly a second hand 250 Bandit.

    I want something that will be reasonable comfortable for long trips, and a bike that I won't be bored still riding in 3 years or so.

    Any help would be appreciated,
  2. If you already have some experience go the GS500F (LAMS approved if you are in a LAMS state)
    There will be no need to upgrade as soon as you come off restrictions. Cant say the same for the others suggested although they are good learner machines too.

    Put a bit more in your profile too. It helps to help you.
  3. Presumably you are in a LAMS state or you wouldn't have included the GS, which I would say wins hands down.

    But I would suggest you get out there and sit on/ride a few bikes from the list and see which one you like best.
  4. Don't know why you're considering a 125 if you want to keep it for years and if you want to do long trips.

    GS is the best option out of those, no doubt.
  5. Would you buy a GPX brand new considering the new 250 ninja being released soon?
  6. Given your requirements, GS500 wins hands down. But if you can take advantage of our 'over 30 + gold licence = no restrictions on P's' rule, you might seriously consider another option: get a POS to get your licence on, then jump straight to the bike you'll keep - something in 650cc range for example - maybe ER6, or the new GSX650F for example?
  7. Thanks heaps. I might stay away from the smaller cc bikes then.

    I'm a whole lotta man (actually, I'm kinda skinny), 30 old, in NSW, haven't ridden much at all but seem to pick things up pretty quickly - so I'm worried I'll get bored of a learner approved bike pretty quick. Saying that, I drive like an old lady (was a crazy kid and the police beat it outta me), and the fear of others on the road is my main concern.

    I know pretty much no-thang about bikes, other than I'm super keen to get on one. I have to wait 2 months to get into the rider test :(

    Maybe I should hire a bike for 3 months? :)
  8. Oh yeah, gold licence holder.

    I was thinking about the GSX650, and I would be looking at something around a 600. One of my mates who is a seasoned rider told me it's probably safest to stay away from a rocket for a few years so that I stay alive.
  9. Mate, you could BUY 3 new bikes for what that would cost you... if you don't want to go the POS route, just get a GS500. Can't go wrong with those. Sport crowd looks down on them, but for a new rider they are plenty. Good for commuting, and they'll do a highway trip too, no worries.
  10. Oh yeah? Why's that?

    Thanks though, I've had that recommended a few times.
  11. 'Why' which part? Sport crowd looks down on them, because compared to a supersports, their power/weight ratio is rather tame. They are plenty for a new rider, because compared to the average car, their power/weight ratio is, well... sufficient :)
  12. But the engines are bulletproof, they're easy to maintain and have a good amount of torque to be a great commuter until they explode, which will take alot of kms :grin:
  13. Thanks guys, appreciate it. I'm sure you probably get asked "what bike?" every week, but it helps!

    I'm just trying to decide whether to fork out for a newie now, or buy a POS.
  14. If you have never had a bike or havnt riden in a long time i recommend you go the POS option. You can nearly be sure you are going to drop it while your learning, so why fork out for a new bike that you will have to fork over at least a couple of $100 or even a couple of g's if it a good drop to repair.
  15. The GSX650 isn't a rocket, it'd be a good first 600 in fact. Maybe get your L's, buy some cheapo POS until you get your P's and then go for the GSX650 when you go on to your P's with that mature rider thingo.

    I've got a 250 Bandit and love it to bits, but I'd hate to do long distances on it, and it's fairly small, even for me (I'm about 5ft10)
  16. Thanks guys, very helpful.
  17. gpx. no i'm not biased :grin:
  18. No probs :grin:
  19. don't you mean 6,500km's jared :LOL:

    the gs is good for learning but anyone saying they won't get bored of it is joking, but the same can be said for any learners bike, buy a piece of sh!t 250 get enough experience to sit the P's test then sell the POS and buy another bike, by the way the gsx650f is the crutch rocket that the gsx-r600 is that you are more then likely thinking about, the 650 is a sports tourer and it will see you through a few years

    before anyone makes any comments that what would i know about the someone getting bored of a GS it is the bike i had for my L's and P's and i was looking to upgrade very early